Santos kitchen cabinets: the perfect choice for open-plan kitchens

28 / 01 / 2022

Santos kitchen cabinets include lots of integration and storage options, intended to ensure that everything is always clean and tidy and out of sight. This aspect, together with their clean-lined design, is the reason why they’re the perfect choice to kit out kitchens that open out to the rest of the house. The following projects published by magazines specialising in décor and interior design epitomise this.

Santos kitchens in wood: unique and distinctive designs

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Architecture: Jorge Álvarez Sánchez
Styling: Sonsoles Cabana and Antonio González
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

Black Santos kitchen with island

The couple who own this detached single-family home located on the coast a few metres from the sea undertook a comprehensive refurbishment to turn it into a second home where they could spend their leisure time. Glass partitions predominate in its crisp and contemporary architecture to enhance the brightness of its interiors and reinforce its connection to the outside. After the refurbishment, the home is now divided into two areas: a public area with a black kitchen with island that opens out to the dining area and living area, and a private area with two suites, two bedrooms and a toilet. A garden, covered terrace, barbecue and swimming pool are found outside.

Black Santos kitchen in an oak finish with island
Black Santos kitchen with worktop-mounted bar and tall units
Kitchen with island open to the inside and outside of the home
Santos kitchen worktop-mounted bar in an oak finish

The kitchen has been designed to be open-plan, with more than enough space for it to have everything necessary for cooking and storage, as well as getting together and enjoying good company. The furniture, a FINE design in a Silk Black LAH finish, is laid out around a centre island, which holds the washing-up and preparation areas as well as numerous options for work and storage. Attached to its outer side is a worktop-mounted bar in a Synchro Rustic Oak finish by Santos, which serves as the dining area.

Black Santos kitchen with worktop in an oak finish
Black Santos kitchen with worktop and tall units
Black tall oven and fridge units

Behind the island, there’s a run of units holding the cooking and cold storage areas, including two hob units, a tall oven unit, another fridge unit, and a utility unit to store cleaning products in. In the cooking area, a matching Santos worktop and wall panel with the same finish as the worktop-mounted bar was chosen.

Santos kitchen with auxiliary furniture in an L-shaped layout
Auxiliary kitchen furniture in an L-shaped layout with drawer units and storage units
Kitchen with pull-out oak counter

To round off the furnishings, the wall in front of the island was fitted with an L-shaped run of units, including a black worktop, two drawer units, a wine cabinet and four storage units. As a finishing touch, a pull-out oak laminate counter was installed in this area, offering another comfortable and versatile space for breakfast, snacks and quick meals.

A kitchen that opens out to the daytime living area. White kitchen with island and worktop-mounted bar in an elm finish

Publication: Cocinas y Baños
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Decoration: Myka Deco
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

White, open-plan Santos kitchen with island

The careful renovation of this duplex has enabled the young couple to adapt it to their needs, without betraying the original essence of the building. The works reorganised the spaces inside, bringing together the public areas plus a suite with dressing room on the ground floor. The upper floor, accessible via a staircase, is entirely devoted to the private areas. The main entrance leads directly to the daytime living area, a spacious room featuring a white kitchen with island that opens out to the dining area and living area. The open-plan design of the space is highlighted by its minimalist, functional and contemporary furnishings.

White Santos kitchen in an elm finish

The couple considered it a must to have a practical, comfy and well-organised kitchen, preferably with an open-plan layout and an island. The lady of the house, who used her mum’s Santos kitchen for more than 20 years, knew her kitchen also had to be by the same brand. They decided on a FINE design in a Pearl White finish.

Functional, white centre island by Santos kitchens
White kitchen island with storage units and sink unit
White kitchen island with preparation and washing-up areas

The units of this open-plan kitchen are laid out around a centre island, which holds the preparation and washing-up areas. The island also has a dishwasher, an oven, a wine cabinet, four storage units and a sink unit with recycling bins on its two sides.

White, open-plan Santos kitchen with island and worktop-mounted bar
Auxiliary worktop-mounted bar in an elm finish
White kitchen with island and worktop-mounted bar in an elm finish

Attached to one of the sides of the island is a Santos worktop-mounted bar in a Light Elm finish. This was an item that the owner specifically asked for, as her mum’s kitchen had one just like it, and for her, all her moments spent in the kitchen basically revolved around it.

White kitchen with tall, wall and base units
Tall white units for storage
White, open-plan kitchen with island and centre table

Parallel to the island is a run of tall, base and wall units. The cooking area, featuring two large hob units, with full-extension, large-capacity drawers and double drawers, is found in the middle. The intermediate area is clad with a Santos wall panel in a Light Elm finish, and the upper area is kitted out with four storage units, two of which are designed to house the filtering unit. The furnishings are rounded off with two tall units at each end, which integrate a fridge-freezer, microwave oven and extra storage space.

A space for every occasion. Grey kitchen with island and iron and glass enclosure

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Architecture: Fernando Arteaga (Santiago Sur)
Decoration: Belén Sueiro Decoradora
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

Grey kitchen that opens out to the living-dining room

The owners of this duplex, a young couple with a child, wanted to reorganise it to have spaces that would make day-to-day living so much easier. In response to their needs, the space was redistributed in order to create two clearly differentiated areas according to function. Thus, the daytime and nighttime areas were brought together on the ground floor, which include the entrance hall, grey kitchen with island, dining room, living room, suite, children’s bedroom, master bathroom and terrace. On the same level, the hall and the laundry are found in the intermediate area. The upper floor, in contrast, was designed for leisure and relaxation, with a large living area that opens out to two large terraces.

Grey kitchen that opens out to the terrace and to the inside

The kitchen is located at the back of the daytime area, sharing a large, open-plan space with the dining room and living room, and connected to an outdoor terrace. A black and iron enclosure separates the room, allowing users to open or close it whenever they wish, without losing any brightness or visual connection. For the furniture, a FINE design by Santos in a Silk Mink Grey finish with pure, clean lines was chosen, very much in keeping with the home’s style.

Grey Santos kitchen with island and tall units
Grey kitchen with island and storage units
Grey kitchen with island that opens out to the outdoor terrace

The kitchen furnishings were laid out in parallel, with a run of tall, wall and base units covering an entire partition wall. At one end, two tall units integrate the fridge, ovens and multiple storage options in a compact space. At the other end, there are two tall larder units, which are intended to store groceries in an organised way.

The middle of the run holds the washing-up area, consisting of a storage unit, an integrated dishwasher, a sink unit with recycling bins and two wall units with folding door. Lighting for the work surface is reinforced with two exclusive Santos solutions: a LED profile built into the base of the wall units, and another one installed underneath them. The latter, which comes with plugs, makes it easier to connect and use small kitchen appliances. What’s more, it has a slit to fit the intermediate area of the kitchen with practical accessories.

Grey Santos kitchen with white island
Island in a grey kitchen that opens out the living-dining room
Black enclosure to separate the kitchen from the living room

In front of the tall units, there’s a large island that holds the preparation and cooking areas, with two large hob drawer units on the inner side. The worktop extends along its sides, creating an aesthetically uniform and airy block, which stands out between the grey colour of the fronts and the black colour of the enclosure.

Grey Santos kitchen with island and ceiling hood
Kitchen island which serves as a counter
Grey kitchen that opens out to the stairs leading to the upper floor

The work surface also extends to the rear of the island, transforming it into a counter. Extraction is done using a discreet ceiling hood, which helps to do away with annoying visual barriers.

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