Santos Kitchens’ 2019 Collection: more capacity, more accessories and more personalisation

16 / 04 / 2019 

Specialist media in architecture, decoration and interior design continue to feature the latest in kitchen units presented by Santos, among which the new storage solutions, practical accessories and multiple personalisation options stand out.

Silk Mink Grey LAH FINE

El Mueble

The magazine El Mueble takes a look at a kitchen open to the dining room with an L-shaped layout and central island, fitted with the new kitchen unit design Silk Mink Grey LAH FINE by Santos. The area with base units—the most ergonomic—is fitted with pull-out drawers and bins that facilitate organisation and access to their contents as they give users a peek inside. The top drawers have a modular base that makes it possible to integrate pull-out and interchangeable accessories such as cutlery trays, spice racks, knife trays or roll holders. In contrast, crockery, pots, pans, trays, large utensils or food can be kept in the bins.

The integration solutions of Santos kitchen cabinets help ensure that everything is tidy and hidden from view—a key feature in rooms open to other spaces in the house. The tall units, for example, include storage units with shelves, an oven unit with interior bins, a multipurpose utility unit, a fridge, a freezer and a 120 cm wide retractable cabinet. This cabinet’s fronts can be temporarily hidden away along its sides, and it includes a work area with lighting and sockets for small appliances.

Marble Grey FINE

Diseño Interior

Diseño Interior features a kitchen with island open to the living room and dining room, fitted with the Marble Grey FINE model by Santos. The publication emphasises the simplicity, elegance and great aesthetic value of this new design, which comes in dark colours with handle-less fronts.

The fittings include tall units that go up to the ceiling and a sculptural island, making it possible to have everything necessary for cooking and storage together in the same space. The island holds the washing-up, cooking and preparation areas, aside from multiple drawers and bins. To make the most of all the height and depth available under the worktop, Santos has designed a plinth drawer that gives users up to four easy-to-access levels of storage.

This is rounded off with a glass door unit whose body has a marble grey finish, black aluminium frame and smoked glass that—aside from being very functional—adds an aesthetic and decorative touch to the dining area.

Silk Black LAH LINE

Architectural Digest

AD lists some of the virtues of the Silk Black LAH LINE design by Santos, placing special emphasis on its reduced-thickness fronts and sides, which make it possible to create sleeker, more elegant cabinets. It is also underlines the practicality of the base units structured into three levels of drawers, the resistance to moisture, abrasion and wear and tear of the sink unit with its laminated marine board body and how easy it is to maintain the super matt and anti-fingerprint LAH finish.

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