Why Santos?


At Santos, we develop and manufacture kitchen cabinets of the utmost quality, which are hard wearing, ergonomic and functional, with carefully designed interiors and exteriors. Our main goal is to satisfy the users’ needs with regard to work, storage and organisation, creating solutions that offer the greatest versatility in the least amount of space. Here are the main reasons why you should choose us:

Kitchen designs adapted to new lifestyles

The kitchen has now become a space to entertain and interact in. The line separating kitchen tasks and the experience of relaxing at home is no more, resulting in open spaces that feel so much bigger.

The kitchen adopts—in those moments when it is not in use—aesthetic functions inherent to the living room, the study, etc. The innovative solutions to conceal or reveal its interiors help to change the kitchen’s appearance as called for by the occasion.

The areas where the tall units are found, between the room’s floor and ceiling, seamlessly blend into the wall. The cabinets at the bottom—whether as an island or against the wall—take on the form of sculpture, making it easy to forget that they are actually intended for storage, as they rise directly from the floor.

Cocina con isla, comedor y salón Santos
Cocina Santos con muebles columna

Better use of space

The average floor area of houses continues to get smaller and smaller, but the need for available space in the kitchen keeps growing, whether for storage, to cook, to entertain guests, etc. We have found that everyone appreciates flexible use of space. Our experience and proactive approach in this regard allow us to offer unique solutions, in our mission to obtain the maximum net usable volume within the total available space. To do this, we apply a strategy that goes in three directions—depth, height and width—, and at the same time, by horizontally separating the spaces and segmenting items across different heights, tiers and divisions.

In terms of height, the plinth drawer—with a capacity that can be likened to that of a bin—makes it possible for each unit to have up to four tiers of storage available. All usable height and depth under the worktop becomes a highly accessible volume. Even underneath the sink unit, it is possible to have a bin of an adequate height—from 24 centimetres—to store pots or packets of food in.

The drawers, which can be completely pulled out and have load capacities of up to seventy kilos, are located in the most comfortable area for the user and hold the most frequently used items.

The vertical wall immediately adjacent to the work surface offers a wide range of implements such as a roll holder, a spice rack, a container for wooden utensils, aromatic herbs, a knife holder, etc., making it possible for us to have everything we need to prepare and cook food to hand. In view and within reach.

By means of wall units and top box units that adapt to the height of the room, we can create truly functional walls, which also fulfil an aesthetic function. The tall units integrate storage spaces and electrical appliances, adapting to each situation by means of different heights and numerous options for the layout of their interiors: fridge units, oven units, larder units, utility units for cleaning products, rolling shutter units, etc.

Mejor aprovechamiento de la cocina: cajones de 4 niveles
Mueble portafregadero Santos: Mejor organización en la cocina
Accesorios para pared de cocinas Santos
Armarios columna en cocinas Santos

Responding to the needs of each user

A better use of space also involves responding to the needs—whether manifest or latent—of possible users whose demands are increasingly unique and individualised.

The cutlery drawers have a modular base on which various implements can be integrated: cutlery dividers, knife trays, spice trays, bread chopping board, chopping boards, space to place up to three serving trays. These could also include roll holders for tinfoil, cling film and baking parchment, herbal teas or coffee pods, tablecloths, dishcloths and miscellaneous kitchen utensils.

The bins make it possible to store crockery, as well as pots, bowls, frying pans, etc., away tidily. The wooden boxes are very useful to easily segment the interiors of these large drawers, keeping bottles of oil, vinegar, drinks, etc. organised. These will go a long way in helping us keep everything neat and tidy.

Cajas de madera para los cajones en Cocinas Santos

Santos Arguments

At Santos, we develop and manufacture kitchen cabinets and Living furniture of the utmost quality, which are hard wearing, ergonomic and functional, with carefully designed interiors and exteriors. We invite you to discover some of the keys that have made our range of products a benchmark of quality, durability and versatility.


Quality, reliability and warranty

Equipment used in the kitchen is often subject to heavy use, unlike other rooms in the house. This is why an important decision-making factor is quality, which, as a manufacturer, we understand to be two-fold.

The first aspect, which has to do with the materials and systems used in its manufacture, allows the user to enjoy its features such as smooth glide, soft closing, load capacity, good fit among the different parts of the cabinet, etc. on a daily basis. The union between the surface and the edge is one of the aspects to take into account, as proper sealing is crucial to make it resistant to moisture and heat. An unnoticeable transition between the surface and the edge is the most distinctive feature of a quality finish. To properly address the risk of moisture in washing-up areas, the cold, wet crockery, etc. we use the best possible material for the manufacture of these cabinets: laminated board made with water-resistant adhesives.

The second aspect of quality is reliability over time. All the materials we use exceed the requirements and tests we conduct in our in-house quality laboratory. Parameters such as the number of opening and closing cycles on all moving parts, corrosion resistance of metal parts, load resistance of shelves, sliding doors, hinges, tensile strength and many other indicators are measured. We continuously monitor the entire process—from development to production—to ensure that the final product meets the strictest quality standards. This is why we are proud to offer a 5-year guarantee on our kitchens.

Management Policy

Certifications and controls

At Santos, we take into account all factors that have an impact on the durability of our kitchens, ensuring that they meet the relevant legal requirements and international standards.

ISO 9001. Quality Control Management System

This certifies that Santos has defined and implemented a quality management system, aimed at achieving the organisation’s objectives and that these have a customer focus.

See certificate

ISO 14001. Environmental Management System

This certifies that Santos defines and implements an Environmental Management System that ensures the protection of the environment.

See certificate

ISO 45001. Occupational Health and Safety Management System

This attests to Santos’ efforts with regard to occupational health and safety, ensuring ongoing application of the most stringent occupational health and safety criteria.

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PEFC: Forest Certification System

This guarantees that the raw materials used in the manufacture of our kitchens come from sustainably managed forests with due respect for environmental, economic and social standards.

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GS Certification: Tested Safety

This guarantees that our cabinets meet the safety requirements of German and European legislation and regulations and that the products we sell are safe.

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CE Marking for electrical systems

This indicates the conformity of our electrical systems with EU legislation.

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