The kitchen as the heart of the daytime living areas

Kitchen with island, wooden table and glass door unit

The kitchen is no longer envisaged as an isolated room exclusively intended for working. It is increasingly more common to open kitchens out to the rest of the home, fusing them with other rooms and turning them into an important hotbed of interaction.

Open spaces to share and enjoy


Island kitchen, dining room and living room 

The kitchen, which is completely open, is found right at the heart of the house’s public area. With this prime position, it serves as a nexus between the dining room and living room, which are laid out perpendicular to it at each end of the floor. 

Usable space from floor to ceiling


In-line kitchen with a large glass door unit, studio and living room 

It is possible to enjoy bright, open and comfortable areas even in a small flat. In this case, the in-line kitchen, dining room and studio share a room that in turn connects to the living room.

The essence of a classic adapted to modern life


Kitchen with island, table and sideboard 

Great occasions call for large spaces, and large spaces require the right equipment. This is the core idea behind the refurbishment of this holiday home. 

More kitchen in less space


Parallel kitchen adjacent to the living-dining room

The parallel kitchen, living room and dining room share an open and spacious area, which facilitates communication and movement between rooms. 

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