The kitchen as the heart of the daytime living areas

Kitchen with island, wooden table and glass door unit

Kitchen with island, wooden table and glass door unit​

The kitchen is no longer envisaged as an isolated room exclusively intended for working. It is increasingly more common to open kitchens out to the rest of the home, fusing them with other rooms and turning them into an important hotbed of interaction. In this case, the kitchen, dining room and reading area share a single space that—despite its versatility—remains cohesive and homogeneous.

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The furniture shares a design with pure lines which helps to harmonise the space. The wooden finishes that are found in multiple items reinforce the idea of aesthetic uniformity, tracing visual links that favour a natural, smooth transition with no barriers among the different rooms. A large island serves as the hub for the daytime living areas, boasting a carefully crafted look given its pride of place, sculpted using clean lines and reduced-thickness materials. The rest of the equipment is laid out on both sides of the island—completely integrated into the architecture—, with the dining room, with wooden table, and reading area right in front of it.
Mueble para pasillo con área de lectura
Muebles de cocina blanco y madera Santos
Armarios columna blancos integrales en cocinas Santos

The most equipment with the least visual impact

The tall units hold kitchen appliances, auxiliary work areas and many options for storage and organisation with minimal visual impact. The tall units with retractable doors have fronts that can be completely hidden away along the sides, providing visibility and easy access.
Isla central y muebles en cocina blanca Santos
Isla central y muebles en cocina blanca Santos
Cocinas en blanco, negro y madera Santos

Combining functionality and aesthetics

The glass door unit serves both the kitchen and the table area. Made of Black Aluminium—with its Smoked Glass fronts and customised interiors in a Vertical Earth Walnut finish—is very practical for keeping crockery or displaying decorative items. The interior LED lighting system for shelves turns this glass door unit into a source of indirect ambient lighting.

Cocina blanca y madera con isla abierta y luminosa
Cocina con techos altos Santos
Cajones de isla de cocina blanca Santos
Mesa de cocina de madera en una cocina blanca Santos
Aparador de madera con iluminación LED en cocinas Santos

Units designed to harmonise spaces

The reading area is extended through a modular system that combines shelves and a sideboard. This composition, belonging to the Living line by Santos, comes with a panel with shelves at the top to hold books and decorative items, as well as three suspended drawer units at the bottom.

Estantería con baldas Santos
Cocina con isla abierta a la terraza
Accessories and equipment

The accessories are what make Santos kitchens different. They are carefully designed down to the last detail in order to help organization and make the most of all the available space.

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