Open spaces to share and enjoy

Open spaces to share and enjoy

Island kitchen, dining room and living room

The kitchen, which is completely open, is found right at the heart of the house’s public area. With this prime position, it serves as a nexus between the dining room and living room, which are laid out perpendicular to it at each end of the floor. Thus, the barriers that traditionally separated the work areas from leisure areas no longer exist, bringing them together into one single area intended for sharing and enjoying. This approach, aside from making the space feel so much bigger, fosters interaction and freedom of movement for users.

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The kitchen cabinets by Santos comprise a homogeneous set that stands out—without being discordant—amidst simple yet bright architecture. The tall units rise to the ceiling, creating a functional partition with a significant aesthetic function. The island, located directly opposite, takes on the form of sculpture, making it easy to forget that it is actually intended for storage. The interior design is balanced out through the warm touches provided by tables, chairs, shelves and frames. In this regard, the parallelism between the chestnut flooring and the wooden puzzle on the ceiling, which is found throughout the entire floor, plays an important role in reinforcing the harmony between the open kitchen, living room and dining room.

Cocina abierta con isla luminosa y muebles columna
Muebles columna en cocina abierta con isla
Accesorio de menaje de cocina abierta con isla
Mueble hasta el suelo en cocinas abiertas con isla Santos

Maximum capacity in the least amount of space

This kitchen open to the living room has an island and tall units laid out in parallel, featuring everything necessary in a compact and organised way. What is noteworthy about the island is the plinth drawer unit, which expands the capacity of the base units down to the floor. It makes the most of all the height and depth available under the worktop, creating up to four tiers of easily accessible storage space. The upper drawers can be personalised by combining different finishes.


Organisation and accessibility

The tall units hold electrical appliances, storage units with interior drawers and a retractable unit. Its fronts can be temporarily hidden away along its sides, providing easy access to the entire space. Its fully customisable interior includes shelves with rear LED lighting, an oven and an auxiliary work area with a worktop, lighting profile and sockets. This is why it is perfect as a breakfast area or to use small appliances without having to move them from one place to another. What’s more, once the unit is closed, everything is tidied away and hidden from view—a key feature in kitchens open to other areas in the house.

Mueble escamoteable con frentes ocultos Santos
Cocina abierta con isla y muebles hasta el techo
Cocina abierta al comedor con armario y lámpara

A cabinet and a lamp

In the dining area, there is a glass door unit whose body has a grey marble finish, black aluminium frame and smoked glass. It is a highly useful item to keep crockery in, which—in addition—adds a lovely, decorative touch, as well as serving as a lamp.

Armario vitrina en cocina abierta al comedor Santos
Vajilla en armario vitrina Santos
Accessories and equipment

The accessories are what make Santos kitchens different. They are carefully designed down to the last detail in order to help organization and make the most of all the available space.

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