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The kitchen’s importance in the home continues to grow. There is a greater demand for cabinets with good quality and design. Santos has been designing and manufacturing kitchens that meet these criteria and adapting to user needs since 1952. We have an ever-growing network of dealers which currently has more than 260 showrooms all over the world. Becoming part of this network is being part of the success of a prestigious brand. Santos has a solid reputation and is regularly featured in specialist media. We invite you to discover why joining us is a great decision.

Reasons to open a Santos showroom

Sin canon ni royalties. Abrir tienda de cocina Santos

No franchise or royalty fees

Under our concession system, the bulk of the initial investment goes towards developing your business project.

Alta rentabilidad. Hazte distribuidor Santos

A highly profitable model

We offer a business model with attractive margins, steady sales and a rapid return on investment.

Sin necesidad de capital circulante. Abrir tienda Santos

No need for working capital

In our showrooms all sales are made to order, working with zero stock and no need for working capital.

Sin necesidad de experiencia previa. Hazte distribuidor Santos

No experience needed

Our methods make day-to-day and marketing operations simple, minimising the need for previous experience in the kitchen business.

With ongoing support from a specialised team

You can count on Santos to be by your side before, during and after the opening of your showroom, providing you with the support and advice you need throughout the different stages of the process:

Elaboración de tu plan de negocio. Franquicias Cocinas Santos

We help you create your business plan

We collaborate with you in creating your business plan, taking into account the initial investment, the breakeven point and the payback period.

Buscamos la mejor ubicación. Abrir una tienda de Cocinas Santos

We help you to study the best location for your showroom

We study the area with you to find an optimal location for your showroom, analysing all factors that have an impact on each area’s potential.

Desarrollamos a medida tu proyecto. Hazte distribuidor Santos

We create a tailor-made store layout for your showroom

We create a store layout tailored to you, including the floor plan, design, furniture, signage and quality control.

Colaboramos en la organización. Distribuidor de cocinas Santos

We help you form your team

We give you advice on selecting the best employees for your showroom, from customer care to sales.

Apoyo en la gestión. Abrir tienda de cocinas Santos

We support you in managing your business

We collaborate in the implementation of the appropriate management program and offer you continuous consultancy services on running your showroom.

Supervisamos y validamos proyectos. Hazte distribuidor Santos

Technical review of

all your orders

We have a team that personally revises all your orders to help avoid mistakes and minimise unforeseen events.

Programas de formación continuada. Hazte distribuidor de cocinas Santos


training programme

We provide an ongoing training programme for products, management and sales. We also provide handbooks.

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