The kitchen is the hub of the home

The kitchen is the hub of the home


Open-plan grey kitchen with peninsula and shelving unit

The design of this detached single-storey home has been tailored – in form and substance – to the spectacular scenery amidst which it is set: a river valley brimming with lush greenery all year round thanks to its humid temperate climate. Its clean and simple structure, built almost exclusively from glass, wood and aluminium, seeks to create a vivid connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. The glass walls, which extend right up to the vaulted ceiling, give rise to a bright and serene atmosphere, where the panoramic views make it easy to forget about the constraints posed by the building and completely immerse oneself in the landscape.

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The open-plan grey kitchen shares a large, free-flowing space with the dining room and the reading area, constituting the hub of family life during the day. The pure lines of the furniture contribute to its seamless integration into an open and multipurpose space. Food preparation, washing-up and cooking tasks are done in a large peninsula, which – running parallel to the dining room – serves as a transition between the areas for work and leisure.

Open-plan grey kitchen with peninsula and shelving unit
Santos kitchen with peninsula open to the dining room
Grey furniture in Santos kitchen with peninsula

Aesthetics and functionality

With its whimsical elegance, the Emperor Marble laminate worktop adds a special touch to the whole. The profile handle, with its sleek and practical design, makes it easy to open and access the contents of both base units and tall units.

Profile handle of Santos kitchen furniture
Grey Santos kitchen base units
Grey kitchen with peninsula, shelving unit and tall units
Grey kitchen with marble laminate worktop

Organised interiors

The double drawers are complemented by accessories that help to organise their interiors. At the top, the plate rack with its adjustable wooden pegs keeps tableware secure and tidy. At the bottom, the partitions help to classify pots, pans and large utensils.

Santos kitchens grey and wood double drawer
Double drawer organiser for pots and pans
Grey Santos kitchen with peninsula, open to the dining room

Modular shelving unit with double lighting system

A shelving unit with wall panel and shelves optimises and stratifies the available space above the worktop, making it possible to always have containers, cookbooks or cooking utensils to hand. The shelving unit comes with two exclusive lighting systems. One of them, integrated into the rear edging of the shelves, projects indirect decorative lighting onto the panel. The other, installed beneath the lower shelf, provides extra lighting on the work surface. The latter comes with power sockets and a slit for kitchen accessories.

Modular shelving unit with lighting
Grey kitchen with tall units
Grey kitchen with peninsula and shelving unit with lighting

Integration, capacity and accessibility

The tall units house a fridge, ovens and a wine cooler. The top box units expand their capacity up to the ceiling, providing storage for rarely used items that would otherwise take up valuable space in the kitchen. The bottom section of these units features three tiers of full-extension interior double drawers, designed to make it easier to access these hard-to-reach areas.

Double drawers Santos tall units
Full-extension double drawers in Santos tall units
Glass door unit with interior drawers for kitchen or dining room

Storage options out of sight or in plain sight

The glass door unit serves both the kitchen area and the dining room well. Its interior drawers can be organised using optional accessories such as a cutlery tray or pull-out wooden containers, which are perfect for storing cutlery or tablecloths in an orderly manner. The shelf lighting system – aside from enhancing the unit’s interiors – turns it into a source of indirect ambient lighting.

Glazed, open-plan, grey Santos kitchen with peninsula
Accessories and equipment

The accessories are what make Santos kitchens different. They are carefully designed down to the last detail in order to help organization and make the most of all the available space.

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