Usable space from floor to ceiling

Usable space from floor to ceiling


In-line kitchen with a large glass door unit, studio and living room

It is possible to enjoy bright, open and comfortable areas even in a small flat. In this case, the in-line kitchen, dining room and studio share a room that in turn connects to the living room. The versatility of the space made it necessary to take particular care in the planning, lighting and overall aesthetics. Everything was laid out in such a way as to facilitate everyday tasks, creative processes, moments of reflection and breaks from the daily routine.

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This modernist home has kept its most characteristic details intact, such as the mouldings, the wooden floor, the windows or the cast-iron radiators. Space limitations in terms of fit-out and storage were overcome by designing an in-line kitchen brimming with solutions that make the most of the full height of a partition from floor to ceiling. The lighting systems, finishes and sleek lines of the cabinets designed by Santos make it possible for them to seamlessly blend into the design without overwhelming it.

Cocina lineal con muebles de suelo a techo
Cocina lineal abierta a comedor y estudio Santos
Muebles de suelo a techo con zócalos

Four tiers of storage

The base units in this in-line kitchen include three plinth drawers that expand their capacity down to the floor, for maximum organisation across four tiers of storage. The fronts of these drawers tilt inwards to prevent tripping when working near the work surface. On the other hand, the interior of the tall units gains more usable space thanks to the low-height plinths.

Cajones zócalo en cocinas en línea Santos
Cajón organizador bajo fregadero en cocinas lineales
Cajón contenedor de almacenamiento en cocina lineal
Cubertero extraíble en cocinas en línea Santos
Cajones zócalo de almacenamiento en cocina lineal
Vitrina hasta el techo con iluminación led Santos

Lighting and accessories

The entire wall behind the glass door unit is segmented up to the ceiling by means of LED-based light sources. The lighting profile provides light for the work surface, comes with sockets and holds multiple accessories made of walnut wood: kitchen paper roll holder, multipurpose rack, spice rack, holder with porcelain container and tablet or book holder.

Portarollo en madera. Accesorios de cocina Santos
Estante especiero en cocina lineal Santos
Estante multiusos en cocina lineal Santos
Estante multiusos de madera en cocina lineal
Soporte con recipiente de porcelana. Accesorios Santos
Soporte para tablet o libro. Accesorios de Cocina
Accessories and equipment

The accessories are what make Santos kitchens different. They are carefully designed down to the last detail in order to help organization and make the most of all the available space.

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