Open, interconnected and multipurpose spaces

Open, interconnected and multipurpose spaces


Grey kitchen that opens out to the daytime living area
with island and glass door unit

The barriers between rooms are blurred to create larger, more open and multipurpose spaces, in which a balanced interior design carefully brings together functionality and a personal touch. The colour scheme – based on shades of grey, ecru and wood – is complemented by multiple sources of indirect lighting, creating different settings that transform depending on the light. There are patterns that emphasise the links between rooms and contrasts that give them their own dimension and character.

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In the kitchen, the central island with white worktop holds the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas, as well as the counter, in addition to drawer units on both sides. It is set off by a large glass door unit and a row of tall units, located perpendicular to its sides. This layout fosters the freedom of movement of its users, who can share the same space or tasks without getting in each other’s way.

Open-plan grey Santos kitchen with central island
Grey kitchen with glass door unit and tall units
Open-plan grey kitchen with island

Additional work area in the kitchen

The combination of glass door units and drawer units with worktop comprises an additional work area in the kitchen fitted with a LED profile with lighting, switches, plugs and slit for accessories. The interiors, clad in the same material with a white marble finish, give everything a consistent look.

Kitchen with glass door unit, plugs and accessories
Kitchen with glass door unit, plugs and accessories
Open-plan grey Santos kitchen with island and glass door unit

Kitchen with many options for storage

The area of tall units in the kitchen features a system with shelves at the top and interior drawers at the bottom, providing multiple options to store utensils and provisions in an organised way. The linear handles – discreet and practical – seamlessly blend into the furniture, creating a delicate contrast that enhances its pure lines.

Kitchen with tall unit with shelves and drawers
Dining room with Santos shelving and sideboard

Dining area with sideboard

The dining area adjacent to the kitchen comes with a sideboard that features shelves on a wall panel with under shelf lighting and drawer units. As a final touch, it has a LED profile at the top that projects indirect lighting towards the ceiling. The Anthracite Grey Silk Matt finish of all the items, including the kitchen island and tall units, reinforces the connection between the two spaces.

Grey dining room sideboard, with shelves and lighting
Open-plan dining room with central table
Modular shelving with tall unit and shelves

Functionality and uniformity for the daytime living area

In the library, the wall-mounted modular shelving combines tall units and panels with shelves, making it possible to store items out of sight or in plain sight. In turn, the piano shares space with an elegant wall-mounted modular unit comprised of glass door units and tall units with interior lighting.

Santos glass door units and tall unit with interior lighting
Open-plan study with Santos modular units

Studio with workshop

The daytime living area includes an open-plan study with a workshop. A display-based organisational system was chosen as the furnishings, using a modular system based on wall panels, shelves and drawer units at floor level.

Accessories and equipment

The accessories are what make Santos kitchens different. They are carefully designed down to the last detail in order to help organization and make the most of all the available space.

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