Santos Kitchens: designed to open out to the rest of the house

30 / 07 / 2021

The furnishings designed by Santos, with their timeless lines and customizable finishes, respond to a growing trend among users: the need to open up kitchens, connect them with other rooms and create larger living spaces that are more spacious, comfortable and versatile. This is shown in projects such as those presented below, featured in publications specialising in architecture, décor and interior design.

White kitchen with island integrated into the daytime living area

Publication: Diseño Interior
Santos distributor: Santiago Interiores
Architecture: 2es+
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

White kitchen with island

The key to the renovation of this flat lies in the elimination of an old hallway. This decision made it possible to create a large T-shaped daytime living area, contoured and embellished by white panelling. It is a spacious, open and bright space that runs lengthwise along the floor and it connects, in an open way, with the kitchen, dining room, lounge and television room. The minimalist lines of the architecture are strengthened with interior design defined by the predominance of white, which enhances the natural light. As a counterpoint, the warm notes provided by the wood and flooring stand out, it extends throughout the entire floor to add size and harmony to the different rooms. The overall look is airy and serene while being homely and welcoming at the same time.

White open-plan kitchen
White kitchen with island which opens onto the dining room
Santos white open-plan kitchen furniture

The kitchen is located at one end of the daytime area, very close to the dining room to facilitate service and the removal of cutlery. Its planning in parallel, combining an island and wall units, minimises the trips required when it comes to making a dish, and it also encourages several people sharing the space or chores without bothering one another. The furniture designed by Santos, with its pure lines, smooth fronts without a handle and finish in white, blends naturally into the architecture and interior design of the property. This is particularly noted in the composition of tall cabinets, which visually transforms into just another panelled partition in the home.

Santos kitchens wall units
Wall unit in white Santos kitchen
Retractable furniture in white kitchen

The line of wall units has a built-in fridge, a freezer and a retractable unit with fronts that are temporarily hidden at the sides. At the top, this furniture has built-in shelves with LED rear lighting and, at the bottom, drawers and a wine storage area.  Its central zone houses an additional working area which, by being equipped with a worktop, lighting profile and plugs, is ideal as a breakfast area or to use small electrical appliances without having to move them around.

Santos white kitchen with central island
Santos white open-plan kitchen island
Island with washing, preparation and cooking area
White kitchen worktop with island
Kitchen with sink built-into a white worktop

Parallel to the composition of wall units sits the heart of the kitchen: a sculptural white island that brings together all the washing, preparation and cooking areas. On its inner side, this furniture has a sink unit with recycling bins, a dishwasher, an oven unit and a hob unit with full-extension and large-capacity drawers. The white worktop shapes the sink and spreads along the sides of the island, helping to create a block that is aesthetically compact and uniform. It also runs towards the outer edge creating a comfortable counter for snacks or quick meals.

White and grey kitchen with office and annexed laundry room

Publications: Cocinas+Baños / Casa Viva
Santos distributor: Clysa
Photography: Kris Moya Studio

Santos white and grey kitchen

The renovation of this flat connected the kitchen with the dining room and lounge, transforming it into the heart of the house. Its furnishing is provided with furniture designed by Santos, which is organised in parallel in accordance with its function. Thus, on one side there is the working area and household appliances, and on the other, the storage area. This layout makes it possible to have a practical office, ideal for comfortably enjoying any meal of the day. The contrast between the Innsbruck White and Bromine Grey, in addition to helping to define and delimit the different areas, gives the room a strong personality.

White and grey L-shaped kitchen
Santos white and grey kitchen tall kitchen unit
Santos white and grey furniture and worktop

The working area is laid out in an L-shape, with the shortest stretch occupied by units with ovens, a wine storage space and cold zone. The longest stretch houses the preparation, cooking and washing areas, strategically located in front of the windows in order to capitalize on letting natural light in. This line includes a built-in dishwasher, sink unit with recycling bins, storage unit with inner shelves, two hob units and a drawer unit.

Tall larder unit. Santos Kitchens
White and grey kitchen with units and cabinets
White and grey kitchen with central table
White and grey kitchen with office
White and grey kitchen with table and lighting

In turn, the storage area consists of a spectacular composition of nine tall larder units that, covering an entire partition wall, integrates along the hallway with the laundry room and toilet. The furnishing is only interrupted by an auxiliary working area, formed by base units with a worktop and high cabinets with an LED lighting profile in the base.

Laundry room adjoined to the kitchen
Extractable unit with a bag in the laundry area
Santos storage wall units
Tall washer and dryer unit

As a counterpart to the kitchen, and in an adjoining room, a laundry area was planned also equipped with Santos furniture. The furnishings, arranged in a line, include a tall washer and dryer unit and another one for storing cleaning tools. It also has a built-in washing area with a sink unit, plus a unit with a bag for storing dirty garments until laundry time. The ensemble is finished off with a series of wall units for storing detergents, softeners and cleaning products.

Kitchen with island, glass door unit and wooden table

Publications: Axxis / Cocinas+Baños / Interiores
Photography: Fernando de Bustos

Santos kitchen with island, table and glass door unit
Kitchen with large central island
Storage units in kitchen island

The kitchen sits at the heart of this home, a large, open, two-storey space, together with the dining area and the reading area. The room is equipped with furniture designed by Santos, and it is organised through a large island that brings together the preparation, cooking and washing areas. What’s more, it includes many options for storage and organisation on both its sides: hob unit, integrated dishwasher and sink unit with recycling bins, plus three spacious drawer units on the outer side.

Santos parallel kitchen with island
Santos wall units in kitchen with island
Kitchen with island and wooden table

The rest of the equipment is laid out parallel to both sides of the island, completely integrated into the architecture of the house. Thus, one of the partition walls holds a row of six wall units featuring top box units, an assisted-opening system, low-height plinths and customised interiors in a wooden finish. The two wall units in the middle, which hold the refrigerator and freezer, are flanked by two wall units with interior drawers and two retractable units with ovens, shelves, drawers and a work area.

Black aluminium glass door unit in Santos kitchen
Glass door unit in kitchen with island
Kitchen with island, table and glass door unit with LED lighting

On the other side of the island, there’s a large glass door unit made of Black Aluminium, with Smoked Glass fronts and interiors in a wooden finish. Its shelves include an LED back lighting system, which turns the unit into a source of indirect ambient lighting. Thanks to its features, the glass door unit is a versatile item that—aside from adding aesthetic value—is very practical for keeping crockery or displaying decorative items.

Modular shelving-showcase in Santos kitchens
Kitchen with walnut wood table
Reading area with wooden furniture

The room is completed with a dining area with a walnut table and a reading area. The latter runs along with the corridor with a modular shelving-showcase belonging to the Santos Living line. The aesthetic uniformity of the furniture, along with the presence of wooden textures in different elements, helps to harmonise an open and dynamic space, where the boundaries between rooms are blurred to encourage natural and smooth transitions.

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