Santos Living: more harmonious and cohesive spaces

Santos Living: more harmonious and cohesive spaces

A modular system to furnish daytime living areas

The Living line by Santos includes modules that can be mixed and matched to create living room furniture, glass door units, sideboards, shelves and panels with shelves. Thanks to its modular design, this furniture system adapts to any space, taste or need. All the units can share the same finishes, contributing towards reinforcing continuity between the kitchen and the rest of the rooms. Furthermore, they can be suspended to reduce their visual weight or complemented with indirect lighting systems, which help to create warm and cosy atmospheres.

Muebles de salón y cocina integrados y modulares Santos
Muebles de salón comedor para almacenaje y organización Santos

Beauty and practicality

The living room furniture combines beauty, functionality and versatility. Its clean lines and reduced-thickness materials minimise the impact of the whole and make it easy to integrate into the architecture. The modular system rationally segments and stratifies the entire space both vertically and horizontally, providing it with multiple storage, organisation and display options.

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Mueble funcional de salón color gris Santos
Estanterías muebles de salón integrado para libros
Muebles de salón negro con baldas para almacenaje

Everything in its place

At the top, the living room furniture comes with four central wall units with inner shelves intended for the storage of crockery and glassware. The systems of panels with shelves, aside from being highly useful to display books and decorative objects, balance out the visual weight of the furnishings.

Muebles para salón y zona de lectura Santos
Cajones zócalo en muebles de salón Santos
Accesorio pasacables en muebles de salon y cocina Santos

Optimising space

The plinth drawers integrated into the bottom of the living room furniture offer a large storage space. Their fronts, tilted inwards, keep users from tripping when moving near the piece of furniture. The top cover panel, located above them, serves as a suitable surface for audiovisual systems. It can be rounded off with a discreet cable grommet accessory, which keeps the different connectors organised.

Mesa de madera y granito para salon Santos
Muebles de salón con mesa y armarios altos

Harmony and customisation

The possibility of mixing and matching different modules, finishes and materials makes it possible to create customised units that remain cohesive with the interior design and the home’s surroundings.

Salón con cristalera al jardín.Santos Living

More options to furnish daytime living areas with Santos Living

Modular shelving

Combine tall units and panels with shelves, offering twice the possibilities for storage and organisation. The system’s interiors and exteriors can be customised with multiple finishes.

Sideboard glass door unit

Design inspired by traditional china cabinets, which comes with glass doors at the top and drawers at the bottom. The latter prove extremely useful to store items for the dining room such as cutlery, serving trays, tablecloths and napkins, etc.

Glass door unit

Unit with a black aluminium frame and smoked glass fronts, which can serve for both the kitchen and living room or dining room. It is a highly useful item to keep crockery in, which—in addition—adds a lovely, decorative touch.

Sideboard shelving

It comes with a panel with shelves at the top to hold books and decorative items, with suspended drawer units at the bottom, which feature an assisted-opening system to make them easy to access.

Wallmounted modular unit

This is a cross between glass door units and tall units with interior lighting, making both storage out of sight and display possible. The wall-mounted feature of this unit gives it an elegant sense of lightness.

Glass door unit with interior drawers

A unit with shelves and interior drawers, which are very useful for having items out on display or putting them away in an organised and accessible manner.

Looking for ideas to furnish daytime living areas?

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