Timeless Santos in renovated homes

26 / 01 / 2024

In this article, we cover three renovated home projects boasting kitchens kitted out with Santos furniture, featured by publications specialising in architecture, décor and interior design.

Single-wall kitchen with counter in a refurbished old home

Publications: Arquitectura Viva, Cocina Integral, Diseño Interior, Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Architecture: 2es+_oficina de arquitectura

Construction: Construcciones Alcalde García
Living-dining room interior design: Tresdes Interiorismo
Styling: Sonsoles Cabana, Paula Ferreira and Tresdes Interiorismo
Photography: Héctor Santos Díez

Façade of old home
Refurbished old home
Refurbished living room in old house

This old home consists of a main block and an annex, which were completely refurbished. In the former, the original stone walls were recovered and the home’s layout redesigned, knocking down walls to improve the spatial and visual connection between the rooms.

In contrast, in the annex, conservation and maintenance work was done, and the façade was covered with Iroko wood cladding finished in white lasur fitted vertically. The same thing was done to the rear façade facing the garden, and on it, the primary bedroom boasts a glass gallery.

Dining room open to the living room and kitchen
Dining room with wooden table in refurbished home
Living room open to the garden in refurbished home
Living room and dining room with stone walls

The house has a ground floor, first floor and loft, connected by a staircase. The ground floor now holds the daytime living area, which is shared by the kitchen, dining room and living room. The dining room sits at the centre of this space – right in front of the kitchen – and then the living room, which is connected to the garden through large folding glass doors.

Entrance to Santos kitchen in refurbished home
Single-wall Santos kitchen with counter
Single-wall Santos kitchen in renovated kitchen

The kitchen is on one side of the daytime living area, partially separated from the rest of the rooms by an open exposed stone partition wall. To kit it out, a Cashmere FINE design by Santos and a counter finished in Natural Oak wood laminate by the brand were chosen.

Renovated kitchen with single-wall Santos furniture
Tall unit with folding doors, Santos kitchen
Renovated kitchen, with Santos LED lighting profile

The furniture is laid out along a single wall, with the preparation, washing-up and cooking areas in the middle. It comes with an integrated dishwasher, two hob units with plate rack accessory, and a sink unit with recycling bins in the double drawer at the bottom.

Above these units are three wall units with folding doors, which come with custom interiors finished in Natural Oak wood. The one above the hob houses the built-in canopy cooker hood, while the other two have interior shelves. Beneath these two wall units, there’s an LED lighting profile with plug sockets, which provides indirect lighting over the worktop and makes it easy to use small appliances. This profile also comes with a slit to fit the intermediate area of the kitchen with practical accessories.

Tall units in renovated white Santos kitchen
Dining room open to the kitchen through a stone wall
Ground floor of renovated old home

The kitchen furnishings are rounded off with a number of tall units located at both ends. On one end, the tall utility unit provides space to store cleaning utensils and products, while the larder units with interior drawers are perfect for putting the shop away in an organised manner. On the other end, three tall units hold the built-in oven, microwave oven, fridge and freezer.

Private areas

Renovated bedroom in old house
Home with study open to the terrace
Terrace of home with garden views

The first floor of the home is for private areas, featuring a primary suite with a dressing room, two bedrooms, a family bathroom and a laundry. Also on this floor, the building annexed to the house’s main block features an open study connected to the terrace that looks out over the garden – a cosy space that serves as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life while gazing at the horizon.

White kitchen with island in a renovated detached house

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Santos Estudio Logroño
Interior design: RQH Studio
Interior design: Rober Quiñones (RQH Studio)
Styling: Cristina Martínez Goitia
Photography: David Montero

Façade of detached house

The new owners of this detached house with garden and pool – a couple with two grown-up daughters – decided to carry out a comprehensive renovation to tailor it to their new needs and lifestyle. It’s a four-storey corner building that originally had an excessively compartmentalised interior layout. The project mainly focused on the ground and first floors, doing away with unnecessary partition walls to create more spacious, comfortable and cosy atmospheres.

After the renovation, the ground floor holds the public areas, with the entrance hall, kitchen, dining room, living room and toilet sharing the same open-plan space. The first floor, in contrast, is where the private areas are found, with two large bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry. For a greater sense of continuity, wood effect vinyl flooring was used on both levels, as well as the staircase connecting them. The interior design features fine materials and a colour scheme with light colours, aimed at enhancing natural light and making the spaces feel larger.

Renovated, two storey, detached house
Outdoor furnished lounge area
Metal rattan outdoor table

On the outside of the home, the exposed brick façade was painted in a light, neutral colour to make it look even brighter. Furthermore, the front door, all the windows and cladding on the staircase were replaced. On the porch, new floor and wall tiling was installed, a ceiling with indirect lighting was designed, and the planters surrounding the entrance were removed, freeing up space to create a comfortable lounge area furnished with metal rattan furniture. The roof uses a combination of black ceramic roof tiles with brown flecks and wooden slats with recessed LED lighting, and has solar panels installed.

White kitchen with island and glazed enclosure

Living room, dining room and kitchen, in renovated detached house

The owners wanted a kitchen designed for everyday use, as they ate all their meals at home. The room was completely integrated into the daytime living area, demarcated by a fixed glass panel with sliding door and white metal profile. This lets users separate the kitchen when they wish, without losing brightness or the visual connection. Its walls were clad with wallpaper, and to kit it out, the Pearl White FINE model by Santos – a design with pure lines that seamlessly blends into the home’s interior design – was chosen.

Glass panel with sliding access door to the kitchen
L-shaped white Santos kitchen, in renovated house

The kitchen cabinets were laid out in an L, with one leg holding the washing-up zone, fitted with two storage units, integrated dishwasher and sink unit with double drawer, interior drawer and recycling bins.

Renovated Santos kitchen with white tall units
Pocket door cabinet in renovated house

The second leg of the L starts with the cooking zone, comprised of a hob unit, a wall unit with adjustable shelves and another wall unit that houses the canopy hood. This is followed by a composition of three tall units.

The first is a pocket door cabinet whose fronts can be temporarily hidden away along its sides to make it easy to access and see the entire space. Its interiors – customised in a Walnut wood finish – include shelves with rear LED lighting, drawers and an auxiliary work area with worktop, lighting profile and plug sockets. Thanks to its features, this cupboard is perfect as a breakfast area or to use small appliances without having to move them from one place to another.

The second tall unit holds an oven and a microwave oven, aside from additional storage options, and the third tall unit rounds off the row with a fridge and freezer.

Santos kitchen semi-open to the renovated living-dining room
Renovated Santos kitchen with counter

The kitchen furnishings are completed by a centre island in which the worktop – which extends along the sides and towards the unit’s inner face – serves as a counter for snacks or quick meals. On its outer face, the island features two big large-capacity drawer units.

Entrance hall, living room, toilet and dining room

Entrance hall and living room in detached house
Entrance hall separated by wooden slats
Toilet with floor-to-ceiling panelled door
Living room in renovated detached house

The entrance hall is directly connected to the living room, yet separated from it by means of a composition of wooden slats finished in oak. This space also has a guest toilet, which is accessed through a floor-to-ceiling door that – as it’s panelled in the same oak finished wood panelling as the wall where it’s found – looks completely inconspicuous.

Dining room with grooved-door sideboard
Dining room with round white table
Access to dining room in renovated detached house

The dining room is found at the heart of the daytime living area, between the living room and kitchen. Its furniture includes a grooved-door sideboard and a round table, which makes it easy to move around it while creating a break in the pattern of straight lines defining the space.


Bedroom with a bed and upholstered bed frame
Bedroom with large dressing room

The home’s primary bedroom was created by fusing together two of the original bedrooms. It has a bed with an upholstered bed frame, bespoke upholstered headboard, wall-mounted wood bedside tables and a footstool. The wall of the headboard features mouldings while all the other walls are covered in wallpaper. Lighting is through a lighting trunking that houses dimmable LED spotlights. This bedroom also has a large dressing room, demarcated by a large glass panel with two central sliding doors and metal profiles lacquered in champagne. The wardrobes are made to measure in oak veneered board, with handles in the same finish as the profiles of the enclosure.

Guest bedroom in renovated detached house
Bedroom with study and shelf

The second bedroom in the house, designed as a guest room and study, is kitted out with a unit that comes with a folding bed, a wall cabinet and open shelf, plus a desk with drawer unit. All furniture is made to measure in oak veneered board – combining smooth and slatted surfaces – just like in the other areas of the house.

Bathroom and laundry

Laundry area in renovated detached house

The same solution for the ground-floor toilet was used for the access to the main bathroom – which helps to reinforce the sense of continuity between both floors. In contrast, the laundry comes with a bespoke cabinet, designed to store cleaning utensils and integrate the washer and dryer. It also comes with a pull-out ironing board and bins to hold dirty laundry until it’s about to be washed.

Open-plan kitchen with island in a renovated flat

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Docrys & DC
Architecture: Iciar Álvarez | Proyectos Soluciones y Reformas SL 
Decoration and styling: Iciar Álvarez
Photography: David Frutos

Rooms front part of renovated flat

This home was created by joining two previously separate flats. The decision to join them together largely conditioned the renovation and interior design project, as the goal was to create large and pleasant atmospheres, without hallways that would give rise to maze-like spaces.

In keeping with this premise, the rooms were designed and laid out according to their purpose. Thus, the daytime living area was set out in front of the house, facing the main street and fitted with large windows that would let plenty of natural light stream in. The private areas – five suites, a toilet, a laundry, a larder, a family room and a study – were grouped towards the rear of the home. This was to afford the spaces for resting or studying with more privacy and quiet, keeping them away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Family room in renovated flat
Classic and contemporary living room in renovated flat
Timeless living room and dining room

The key to achieving an uncluttered layout lies in the floor’s hub, made up of the family room and study. This hub, which serves as a nexus between the public and private areas, helps to create a sense of spaciousness, while leading out to the rest of the rooms without employing long hallways.

The open-plan design of the flat was enhanced by carefully curated minimalist décor, where every item serves a purpose without overwhelming the atmosphere. The interior design strikes just the right balance between classic and contemporary, with a predominance of materials such as wood and large-format porcelain tiles that – together with the mouldings in the ceilings and walls – confer the home with a timeless style.

Open-plan kitchen with island, eat-in area and glazed enclosure

Open-plan kitchen with island in renovated flat
Santos kitchen open to the living room with glazed enclosure
Kitchen with glazed enclosure while open

The kitchen, dining room and living room flow together into a single space whose high ceilings, together with the mouldings, make it look majestic. The flooring, which runs along the length of the whole floor, contributes towards reinforcing the sense of harmony and continuity among the different atmospheres. The kitchen is found on one end of the daytime living area, which is separated by a glazed enclosure that lets users open and close it off whenever they wish.

Santos worktop-mounted bar finished in wood
Santos kitchen island with a preparation and cooking area
Santos kitchen eat-in area in renovated flat

The kitchen furniture, a FINE design by Santos, is laid out around a centre island that holds the preparation and cooking areas. The island also features two large drawer units and a hob unit. Its outer face was used to create a worktop-mounted bar finished in Olive Ash wood which – together with some stools – serves as an eat-in area to enjoy any meal without needing to go to the dining room.

Santos kitchen with furniture parallel to island

The rest of the kitchen furniture is parallel to the island, creating a run with fronts finished in natural Olive Ash veneered wood. The ends of the composition have four tall units that – within a compact and organised space – integrate an oven, microwave oven, fridge and freezer, as well as spaces to store utensils and provisions.

The washing-up area is found in the middle, and it features a built-in dishwasher and sink unit with recycling bins in the double drawer at the bottom. The area is rounded off with three side-opening glass door units with black aluminium frame, smoked glass fronts and customised interiors finished in Olive Ash wood. These glass doors units include two exclusive lighting profiles by Santos: one integrated into the bottom, which provides indirect lighting on the work surface, and another on the shelf, which projects decorative indirect lighting onto the back of the unit.

Dining room and living room

Dining room with round table and lamp
Dining room with hanging lamp and table
Living room with L-shaped sofas
Living room with L-shaped sofas

The dining room, located between the kitchen and living room, is furnished with a round table and a hanging lamp. The living room, found at the opposite end to the kitchen, is laid out in an L with two sofas. The block made up of one of these sofas and the sideboard – located right behind it – helps to create a natural transition between the dining room and lounge area, without obstructing the view. This space is completed with a coffee table, a wall-mounted unit and a rug. Complementary lighting is provided by a floor lamp.

Family room and study

Home with family room and study
Home with cinema room
Home with study area and large desk
Renovated house with bespoke desk

The family room and study share the middle of the flat, visually separated by a composition of wooden slats. The first space, designed to enjoy film viewing sessions with the family, is kitted out with a comfortable chaise longue sofas, coffee tables and a bean bag. In contrast, the large study, has a long desk made to measure in a Tuscan Oak wood finish.

Suites and bathrooms

Bedroom suite in renovated house
Bedroom with wardrobes and dressing rooms
Grey and white bedroom in refurbished home
Fully kitted out bedroom in renovated house
Bathroom with mirror and washbasins
Large renovated bathroom, with shower and washbasins

The house has five suites, which were kitted out with bed frames, headboards, wardrobes, dressing rooms, auxiliary tables, armchairs and chairs. The rooms also come with hanging lamps, rugs, Venetian blinds and other accessories.

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