Homes with Santos kitchens with a timeless design


Santos kitchens, with their timeless design that’s the perfect blend of classic and modern, provide everything necessary to meet the demands of contemporary life. This is shown in the projects shown below, published by magazines specialising in architecture and interior design.

Where every inch counts. White, open-plan kitchen that opens out to the daytime living area

Publication: Cocinas+Baños Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Architecture: Grupo Arial Carbajo y Barrios Arquitectos
Styling: Emma López and Paula Ferreira
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

Santos kitchen finished in pearl white
Open-plan Santos kitchen finished in pearl white
Santos kitchen that opens out to the dining room

The kitchen in this new-build home connects to the living-dining room through a sliding door, so users can open or close it off whenever they wish. To kit it out, they went for a MARCO model by Santos in a Silk Pearl White Matt finish – a design that reinforces the room’s natural brightness.

Single-wall Santos kitchens
Bright white Santos kitchen
Santos kitchen with cooking area

The furniture in this white kitchen is laid out along a single wall, in order to make the most of the long, narrow floor. The first stretch holds the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas, and includes a hob unit with full-extension, large-capacity double drawers, integrated dishwasher and sink unit with recycling bins. What’s more, to provide additional storage space, there’s a wall unit with flap doors which comes with LED lighting at the bottom.

Single-wall kitchen finished in pearl white
Single-wall, white kitchen with wooden counter
Bright, single-wall Santos kitchen
Single-wall, open-plan kitchen with wooden counter

The run of furniture is rounded off with two tall units: an oven unit that integrates a multifunction oven, microwave oven with grill and additional storage options, plus a composition that brings together a drawer unit and rolling shutter unit. The latter comes with plugs and its own lighting, making it possible to store and use small appliances without having to move them around. Facing these tall units is a tall larder unit, and next to it, there’s a counter with a worktop and shelf in a Santos Light Elm wood laminate.

Single-wall kitchen with units and counter
Single-wall kitchen with unit and oven
Single-wall kitchen with laundry area

The kitchen extends into an adjoining room accessible through a sliding door. In this space, kitted out with an Innsbruck White FINE design by Santos, the furniture has been laid out in parallel, with two tall units covering each of the partition walls. On one side, there’s a tall fridge unit with an integrated combi fridge-freezer, and another storage unit on the worktop with a washing machine underneath. In front, rounding off the furnishings, is another tall larder unit, plus a utility unit for cleaning utensils and products.

A home with a classical look and contemporary touches. Bright kitchen with eat-in area and breakfast nook

Publication: Elle Decor 
Santos dealer: eba Haussmann
Architecture and decoration: Monique Kamel ( MK interiors )
Styling: Edith Calvo
Photography: Olivier Hallot

Santos kitchen finished in cashmere

The new owners of this Haussmann-style flat, located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, decided to undertake a complete refurbishment to restore and update it. The transformation of this kitchen is – without a doubt – one of the most stunning changes wrought by this project, turning a dark and narrow room into a bright, cosy and comfy space. To kit it out, they went for a Cashmere FINE design by Santos, which – with its clean lines, plain fronts and light-coloured finishes – helps to create an uncluttered and serene atmosphere that conveys a feeling of spaciousness.

Large Santos kitchen finished in cashmere
Kitchen sink and cashmere units
L-shaped kitchen finished in Cashmere

The kitchen cabinets are laid out in an L shape along two partition walls. The first stretch holds the preparation and washing-up areas, with a wine cooler, built-in dishwasher and sink unit with double drawers and recycling bins. On top of these units are six wall storage units with side opening doors, which comes with a mechanical system to facilitate access the interior. These units come with a LED lighting profile that runs all along the bottom, providing indirect lighting on the work surface.

L-shaped kitchen with table
L-shaped kitchen with cooking area
L-shaped kitchen with cashmere units and oven

The second stretch of the L holds the cooking and refrigeration areas, with an induction hob, oven, microwave oven and combi fridge freezer. In this case, the lower area is kitted out with a storage unit with side opening door, plus a hob unit with full-extension, large-capacity drawers and double drawers. There’s a wall unit above the hob, which houses a canopy hood. The row is finished off by two tall units for ovens and fridges, both with top box units that expand their capacity up to the ceiling.

Santos kitchen with tall units
Santos kitchen with additional area
Santos kitchen with breakfast nook

The kitchen also has a stand-alone furniture composition which, aside from adding versatility, makes the most of the floor’s irregularly shaped corner. At the ends, there are three tall units that hold and conceal the electrical and heating systems, as well as ironing and cleaning implements. The area in the middle, in contrast, has been set up to serve as a breakfast area and laundry. At the bottom, two units hold the washer and dryer. Above them, there’s an open workspace, with a worktop and wall panel finished in Light Elm wood by Santos. In the upper area, completing the furnishings, there are two units that provide separate storage options for cleaning products, crockery sets and kitchen utensils while keeping them looking tidy.

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