Kitchen with island and an oak finish in a home connected to its surroundings

10 / 05 / 2021

This detached house, located at the top of a slightly sloping plot, was renovated following one guiding principle: to create a connection and spatial continuity between the house and its surroundings, through open-plan rooms visually connected to the landscape. The choice of materials—in which wood and natural colours such as stone or sand predominate—helps to reinforce this idea.

Balance between tradition and modernity

Stone façade of home with pool and garden
Outdoor contemplative courtyard with stone and vegetation
Outdoor courtyard in home with open-plan rooms

The home’s façade features both recovered dry stone walls and a sizeable band of mortar at the top, which pushes the hip roofs into the background. Thus, aside from consolidating the outer face and bestowing it with a modern style, it creates a penetrable structure, with setbacks around the entire perimeter that give rise to small courtyards, gardens, porches and covered areas.

The house consists of two levels: a basement, which holds the living area and auxiliary areas, plus the ground floor with the main rooms. The latter is organised into two rectangular blocks positioned perpendicularly to offer views of the garden in all directions. One of them holds the porch and public areas—living area, dining area and kitchen—, while the other holds the private areas—two suites, two children’s bedrooms and two bathrooms. The access hub, which is found between the two blocks, connects them to the intermediate area and opens out to a contemplative courtyard.

Bright and spacious dining area with views of the garden
House with bedroom and bathroom with a large window overlooking the garden
Bedroom with views of the garden and large windows

The layout of the interiors is free flowing and open, with openings and views of the garden and courtyards in all directions from the inside. The pitched roof affords extra height and the exposed wooden ceiling, together with the natural oak slats, lime plaster and dry stone walls, jute rugs and the rest of the decorative accessories and furniture, creates a cosy and traditional atmosphere with a decidedly Mediterranean air.

Living area and outdoor barbecue in home with pool
Outdoor lounge with natural stone flooring
Daybed in home with outdoor pool

The home’s garden boasts a kitchen with a barbecue and lounge area, designed to be enjoyed in good company any time of the day. The flooring for these outdoor common areas shares a natural stone finish with the indoor areas, showing a link between the areas. A daybed can be found near the pool, offering a more secluded resting spot, from where one can peacefully behold the horizon.

The kitchen, integrated into the daytime living areas

Bright and spacious living area open to the kitchen and dining area
Living area with Cashmere-coloured and laminate furniture
Open-plan living area, kitchen and dining area with large windows

The kitchen, dining area and living area share an open-plan space, with large glazed areas that let plenty of natural light stream in. The kitchen is fitted with Santos furniture, featuring two finishes that seamlessly blend into the home’s interior design: the colour Cashmere and the Synchro Rustic Oak laminate, which accurately reproduces the look and feel of natural oak wood.

Santos kitchen with island and an oak finish in Cashmere

The room is laid out around a large central island, which, aside from holding the cooking area and an auxiliary washing-up area, comes with numerous organisation and storage options on both sides. The worktop has an overhang on one end so it serves as a comfortable counter for breakfasts, snacks and quick meals.

Santos kitchen cabinets in light colours and with an oak finish

In front of the island is a row of base units where the cooking and washing-up areas are found. A row of tall, wall and base units runs behind the island. Within a compact space, it holds two fridges, three drawer units and an alcove with a shelf and worktop in the middle. The kitchen furnishings are rounded off with a second set similar to the former, located perpendicular to the island. It holds storage units, ovens and an alcove in the middle for containers, decorative accessories and small kitchen appliances.

Santos kitchen with island and an oak wood finish in light colours

The clean lines and smooth fronts of the cabinets effortlessly meld into the home’s architecture. Furthermore, the well-thought-out kitchen layout makes it possible to have everything within reach, helping to keep unnecessary trips to a minimum when preparing a dish.


Category: Two-storey detached house
Location: Montrás (Girona)
Floor area: 417 m2 (House) / 2500 m2 (Plot)
Architecture: Pablo Serrano Elorduy (Dom Arquitectura)
Interior design: Blanca Elorduy (Dom Arquitectura)
Photography: Jordi Anguera


Santos distributor: Traç Cuines
Santos furniture: Cashmere / Synchro Rustic Oak FINE
Layout: Island
Worktop: Dekton Danae

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