Home design with white, black and grey Santos kitchens


The following projects, featured by publications specialising in architecture and interior design, show how the kitchen furniture designed by Santos adapts to any house style.

White kitchen with island integrated into the daytime living area

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Clysa
Architecture: Héctor Hidalgo
Interior design: Neus Casanova
Kitchen interior design: Sergi Quílez
Styling: Clysa
Construction: Roibos
Photography: Kris Moya Studio

Open-plan rooms in detached house
Santos kitchens in white and wood
White kitchen with island open to the living room

The owners of this detached house wanted a spacious and practical kitchen that would – aside from letting them work comfortably – provide them with plenty of storage space and the chance to enjoy get-togethers with family and friends. In line with their wishes, the kitchen was designed as a hub connecting all the rooms in the house. This is shown by its excellent location right at the heart of the daytime living area and directly facing the garden.

White kitchen with island and tall units
White Santos kitchen with centre island
Kitchen with white island with hob unit and sink
Santos kitchen with island and white furniture

The kitchen was kitted out in a Pearl White FINE design by Santos, defined by its clean lines and plain fronts. The focal point of the room is a large island that – aside from holding the preparation, washing-up and cooking areas – comes with a built-in dishwasher, drawer units and storage units with shelves, hob unit and sink unit.

White furniture in Santos kitchens
Tall unit with shelves and drawers
Home with Santos kitchen in white and wood

The rest of the furniture in this white kitchen is laid out parallel to the island, comprising a row that includes two fridge units at one end, while the other end features two tall storage units with shelves and interior drawers – perfect for storing groceries in an organised way. The middle of the row has a retractable unit, with fronts that can be temporarily hidden away along its sides to make it easy to see what’s inside and provide easy access. Its interiors, customised in a Kairos Oak wood finish, include shelves with rear LED lighting, drawers, oven and an auxiliary work area with worktop, lighting profile and plug sockets.

Kitchen in black and wood with island, annex and glass partition

Publications: Nuevo Estilo, Elle Decor
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Interior design and styling: Myka Deco
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

Bright, open-plan, grey living room
Grey Santos kitchen, semi-open to the dining room
Kitchen semi-open to the dining room with glass doors
Semi-open black kitchen with glass doors

The new owners of this flat, located right in the heart of the city’s historic district, decided to renovate it to do away with its excessive partitioning and create spacious, comfortable and free-flowing rooms. Thus, the kitchen, living room and dining room all share one single space, creating a bright and open atmosphere that – aside from boasting impressive views – fosters interaction among users.

The kitchen sits at one end of the daytime living area and – although it was designed to open out to the living-dining room – it is demarcated by sliding glass doors with thin black iron profiles, so it can be separated without losing brightness or the visual connection. For the furniture, they chose a Silk Black FINE model by Santos, which seamlessly blends into the home’s architecture and interior design.

Black and wood Santos kitchen with island
Black kitchen with breakfast island
Black Santos kitchen with island and units

The cabinets in this black kitchen are laid out around a centre island, which provides a large work surface. The island holds three base storage units on its inner face while the outer face is clad with a panel finished in Earth Walnut wood. The worktop, which extends towards the back and comes with stools, serves as a counter on which to comfortably enjoy breakfast, snacks and quick meals.

Black Santos kitchen with wall and base units
Black and wood kitchen with island and units
Black Santos kitchen, with drawer units and hob unit
Black Santos kitchen with large-capacity cabinets

Parallel to the island, there’s a row combining base, wall and tall units, where the washing-up, preparation, cooking and refrigeration areas as well as two ovens and multiple storage options are found. The furnishings start with a tall larder unit followed by a washing-up area, which faces a window to make the most of the natural light. This segment includes a sink unit with recycling bins and a built-in dishwasher.

Then, there’s the preparation and cooking area, which features two drawer units and a hob unit in the lower part. The middle part is decorated with a panel finished in Earth Walnut wood, and the upper part is kitted out with three wall storage units: one in the middle for the canopy hood, and two at the ends with inner shelves and a LED lighting profile at the bottom.

The row finishes with a tall oven unit and another tall unit that houses a fridge freezer. All the tall units feature top box units that expand their capacity up to the ceiling, providing an option to store items that are very rarely used.

Black Santos kitchen with breakfast nook
Kitchen with breakfast nook
Santos kitchen with wall shelving

The kitchen furnishings are rounded off with a stand-alone composition located perpendicular to the island, which serves as a breakfast nook. There’s a tall larder unit on its side, and a drawer unit and work surface in front. The latter, which has a LED lighting profile with plug sockets, makes it easy to plug and use small appliances.

Modular shelving was fitted in the available space above the worktop, consisting of a wall panel and 1.3 cm thick shelves – all finished in Earth Walnut wood. This extremely practical and versatile item makes it possible to organise and always have containers, coffee sets, kitchen utensils or cookbooks to hand.

Breakfast cupboard in black and wood with shelving
Santos kitchen attached to laundry area
Laundry area with storage units

In order to offer users more possibilities and storage capacity, a room adjoining the kitchen was turned into a laundry area and pantry. In this case, a Cashmere FINE design by Santos was chosen for the furniture, which was laid out in an L along two partition walls.

One of the sections includes a tall washer and dryer unit, along with a sink unit with worktop and laundry sink. Above this unit, two wall storage units were installed, featuring inner shelves and an integrated LED lighting profile at the bottom. The other section of the L shape includes a tall utility unit and three tall larder units with interior drawers, which come in handy for storing groceries in an organised way.

Open-plan grey kitchen with peninsula and dining room

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Clysa
Architecture: Oscar Villalón Alonso
Interior design: Raquel García Solís
Styling: Arte de Marte
Photography: Kris Moya Studio

Grey Santos kitchen with dining room
Open-plan grey Santos kitchen with peninsula
Home with grey living room open to the dining room

The new owners of this house between party walls – a couple with two daughters – undertook a renovation project aimed at turning it into a bright, comfy and tidy home where the different rooms seamlessly flowed together. After it was completed, the kitchen, dining room and living room now occupy most of the first floor, creating an open and free-flowing atmosphere that fosters communication among users. The kitchen sits right in the middle, and a Mink Grey FINE design by Santos – featuring plain fronts without handles – was chosen for the furniture.

Grey Santos kitchen with peninsula and dining table
Grey Santos kitchen with units and double drawers
Grey Santos kitchen with sink unit

The main furnishings of this grey kitchen are laid out along a partition wall, starting with a composition that combines a base unit with double drawers and a rolling shutter unit. Beside this, there’s an oven unit, and then there’s the washing-up area with a built-in dishwasher and sink unit with recycling bins. This lower area extends perpendicular to the row, forming a large peninsula that holds the preparation and cooking areas.

Grey Santos kitchen with peninsula and tall units
Santos kitchen with peninsula and hob unit
Grey kitchen with peninsula and stools
Dining table attached to a grey Santos peninsula
Wooden dining table with hanging lamps

On its inner face, the peninsula holds a hob unit flanked by two drawer units. Meanwhile, on its outer face, the stools turn the worktop into a comfortable counter. The dining area is found next to the side of the peninsula, illuminated by two hanging lamps. A discreet ceiling hood takes care of fume extraction, and the furniture is rounded off with six wall units with side opening door with shelves, plus two tall units housing the fridge and freezer.

Half wall partition to separate the kitchen from the living room
Grey Santos kitchen open to the living room
Dividing partition wall, with a built-in TV
Home with grey living room

A half wall partition, clad in tile, visually separates the kitchen and dining room from the adjoining living room. On the side facing the dining room, this partition wall comes with an alcove designed to hold a TV. The other side facing the living room has a large flat screen TV mounted on its surface, perfect for enjoying long family film sessions.

White kitchen with a practical and timeless design

Publication: Cocinas y Baños
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Styling: Sonsoles Cabana and Paula Ferreira
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

White Santos kitchen with a timeless design
White and wood Santos kitchen with a classic design
White Santos kitchen, Época model

One of the rooms that changed the most after the renovation of this duplex is the kitchen, which is found on the second floor. Its original furnishings were very limited – barely fit for purpose – and did not make the most of the available space. The renovation addressed all these issues, creating a room that’s beautifully kitted out and organised. Aside from providing plenty of storage stage, it makes the most of the space without being overwhelming.

For the furniture, the Silk Pearl White Matt ÉPOCA model by Santos was chosen. It’s a classic and timeless design that meets the demands of contemporary living. The combination of white and wood creates a bright atmosphere that is also warm, cosy and very homey at the same time.

Vintage white Santos kitchen in an L-shaped layout
White Santos kitchen with wall and base units
White Santos kitchen with wall and base units
White and wood kitchen with LED lighting profile

The furniture in this white kitchen is laid out in an L shape along two partition walls. The first section holds the washing-up, preparation and cooking areas, with a built-in dishwasher, hob unit and sink unit with two double drawers: one at the top to hold recycling bins and another at the bottom to store large kitchen utensils such as pots and pans. In the latter, the divider accessory helps to keep the contents tidy.

The area is rounded off with two wall units with folding door, which come with a LED lighting profile at the bottom. This system spans the width of the cabinets, providing indirect lighting over the worktop.

Beneath the wall units, a LED lighting profile with plug sockets and slit for equipment was also installed, making it possible to kit out the middle area of the kitchen with practical accessories. In this case, a holder for a white multipurpose jar and a multipurpose rack for the mortar, pepper mill and salt mill were chosen. To achieve a more harmonious and uniform look, the slit was customised with a Synchro Rustic Oak wood finish, just like the wall panel.

White kitchen Santos with a classic style and tall units
Practical, timeless, white Santos kitchen
Timeless, white Santos kitchen with LED lighting

There’s a composition of tall units holding a fridge, ovens and storage options in a compact space found in the second section of the L shape. This section also features a worktop-mounted rolling shutter unit that comes with plug sockets and its own lighting, making it possible to store and use small appliances without having to move them around. It’s a unique unit, both for its handcrafted fronts and the quality of its materials. In conventional systems, the front retracts into the inside of the unit, reducing its capacity. In this one, the front slides smoothly and silently across the top and back of the unit, without eating up any storage space.

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