Santos kitchens in wood: unique and distinctive designs

29 / 10 / 2021

Santos kitchens with natural veneered wood fronts make any interior design exclusive and distinctive. Wood – a living material that is constantly evolving – changes its colour and appearance over time, so no two designs are ever exactly the same. Furthermore, as the projects below show, they help to create extremely warm and cosy ambiences and atmospheres.

Life around the kitchen. Kitchen in wood and Graphene finishes

Publication: Cocinas + Baños Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Traç Cuines
Photography: Sergio García

Santos kitchen in wood and graphene finishes

The daytime living area of this new build property has been designed to be a large, open-plan and bright space where the kitchen, dining area and living area are all found together. Due to its layout and finishes, the kitchen kitted out with Santos furniture takes centre stage in this part of the property.

Open-plan, wood finish Santos kitchen
Wood finish Santos kitchen furniture
Wood finish kitchen with island

In fact, the kitchen features the main characteristics of the interior design style, with a predominantly white colour scheme tempered by elegant dark colours that add a contemporary touch. In this regard, the tall units’ Graphene fronts, the island’s black worktop and grey flooring stand out. The latter unifies the design scheme among the different rooms as it’s found throughout the entire floor.

Kitchen in a combination of graphene, white and wood
Kitchen with island and black worktop
Wood finish Santos kitchen cabinets
Open-plan, wood finish kitchen with island

In contrast, the touches of wood provide balance, helping to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. A prime example of this is the island, fitted with veneered wood fronts in a Horizontal American Walnut finish, as well as the counter and table in aged oak wood.

Kitchen island with veneered wood fronts
Walnut wood finish kitchen with island
Santos kitchen with island, counter and table in wood

The kitchen is laid out around the island, which holds the preparation, washing up and cooking areas, and is supplemented by two wood surfaces at both ends: a counter, which is very convenient for sharing meals during the day, and a large table. On its inner side, the island has an integrated dishwasher, a sink unit with recycling bins, a hob unit and a drawer unit. The latter two come with full-extension, large capacity drawers.

In contrast, the outer side has two open units with shelves – perfect for storing recipe books and decorative items – and plinth drawers at the bottom. These expand the capacity of the base units down to the floor and their fronts, which tilt inwards, prevent tripping whenever users move nearer the work surface.

Wood finish kitchen with island, counter and table
Santos kitchen glass door unit with walnut interiors
Wood finish Santos tall kitchen units

Parallel to the island is a set of units holding different kitchen appliances and storage solutions within a compact, organised area. The row starts with a Santos glass door unit featuring tempered smoked glass fronts, a Black Aluminium frame and Earth Walnut interiors. This is very useful for storing crockery and adds a lovely, decorative touch to the kitchen. The interior lighting system for shelves – aside from drawing attention to it – turns it into a source of indirect ambient lighting.

The glass door unit is followed by two tall oven units, two units holding the fridge and freezer, and another unit for the wine cabinet. A storage unit is found at the end of the row. This design has given rise to a comfortable, versatile and functional kitchen with plenty of storage space without being overwhelming.

Open to the landscape. Kitchen in wood and white finishes

Publication: Cocinas + Baños Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Clysa
Architecture: Marc Mogas
: Vicaba
Interior design: Rogelio Martinazzo

Photography: Kris Moya Studio

Santos kitchen in white and wood finishes

This detached new build home stands out for its modern design, with clean lines that help to minimise visual barriers and large glass windows that turn partition walls into gateways to the outside, aside from favouring the entrance of natural light. The precise and restrained interior design combines the cool serenity of white with the elegance of black, the distinctiveness of stone and the warmth of wood. The result is a cosy and comfy atmosphere, where calm and tranquillity reign, inviting everyone to enjoy each moment with all five senses.

Kitchen with units in walnut veneered wood
Santos central island with veneered wood and worktop
Kitchen island with preparation and cooking areas

A Santos design combining American Walnut veneered wood and Silk Pearl White fronts was chosen for the kitchen. The room is laid out around a magnificent central island, which holds the preparation and cooking areas, plus numerous storage options on both sides: two drawer units on the inner side and two drawer units on the outer side.

The combination of the veneered wood and worktop, inspired by black marble with light-coloured veins, creates a block that looks natural, elegant and sophisticated. The worktop continues along the island’s sides, with an overhang on one end, which serves as a counter for breakfast or snacks.

Santos white kitchen furniture in an L-shaped layout
Kitchen with tall unit, island and washing up area
Kitchen with drawers in wood and white finishes

The rest of the furniture is laid out in an L shape along two partition walls. Perpendicular to the island is the washing up area, with two drawer units, a sink unit with recycling bins and an integrated dishwasher. The light colour of the worktop blends with the white finish of the units, making this area look wonderfully bright.

Wood finish Santos tall unit and island
Wood finish tall unit with oven
Kitchen with island and large windows

To round off the furnishings, parallel to the island, there’s a row of tall units with two ovens, a fridge freezer, a utility unit, several storage units and a retractable unit to store tableware and food. The retractable unit’s fronts can be temporarily hidden away along its sides, making it easy to see what’s inside and providing easy access. Inside, the cabinet has an additional work area with worktop, lighting profile and plug – perfect for using small kitchen appliances without having to move them.

Kitchen with wood finish island and units
Kitchen with tall unit and oven

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