Home design with open-plan Santos kitchens

29 / 07 / 2022

The following projects, published by magazines specialising in architecture and interior design, show how the kitchen furniture designed by Santos flawlessly blends into the rooms open to the home’s public areas.

Interconnected spaces to enjoy some family time. Open-plan kitchen in black and wood with island

Publication: Cocinas y Baños
Santos dealer: Santos Vaguada
Architecture and construction: Estudio3 Arquitectos
Decoration and styling: Santos Vaguada
Photography: María Merchante

Home with interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces
Home open to the garden with table and sofa
Home with kitchen open to the garden

The owners of this home, a couple with three children, wanted it to have a practical kitchen that would have plenty of storage space, a space for preparing breakfast and a comfy area to enjoy meals as a family. The room’s open-plan design, directly connected to the living-dining room and the garden, makes it the hub for family time.

Kitchen open to the living-dining room and garden
Santos kitchen with black and wood island
Santos kitchen with island and tall units
Kitchen with island and glazed enclosure

The kitchen was separated from the rest of the daytime living area through a glazed enclosure that would enable users to close it off without sacrificing natural light and visual connection. For the furniture, they chose a Santos design with clean lines and plain fronts which seamlessly integrates into the house’s architecture and interior design with its combination of black and wood finishes.

Open-plan Santos kitchen in black and wood
Santos kitchen with centre island
Santos kitchen island with cooking and washing-up areas

The large centre island in a Silk Black finish which holds the cooking and washing-up areas has pride of place. What’s more, it comes with several options for organising and working: integrated dishwasher, sink unit with recycling bins, hob unit with an interior drawer and a pull-out unit on the inside face, and two drawer units with double drawers on the outside face. At one of its ends, the worktop serves as a counter to enjoy a meal any time of the day. Fume extraction is done through a ceiling hood, a discreet and functional option that contributes towards creating a more airy and spacious atmosphere.

Santos kitchen with black centre island
Kitchen with black island with garden views
Santos kitchen with retractable unit
Tall unit in wood with integrated appliances

Parallel to the island, there’s a spectacular run of floor-to-ceiling tall units, with fronts and interiors in Kairos Oak woodgrain laminate. It comes with a fridge, freezer, ovens, storage units with interior drawers and a retractable unit that provides plenty of storage to store tableware and food. The latter’s fronts can be temporarily hidden away along its sides, making it easy to see what’s inside and providing easy access. It comes with shelves and an auxiliary work area with worktop, as well as a lighting profile and plugs, designed to serve as a breakfast area.

Vernacular modernity. Open-plan kitchen in wood with island and dining room

Publication: Interior Design
Santos dealer: Alipa Cociñas
Architecture: Estefanía Grandal Leirós (Encaixe Arquitectura)
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

Traditional stone house
Refurbished stone house with garden
Refurbished home in stone and concrete

A Zapateira is a traditional two-storey stone house set in a valley amidst forests and farmland. The refurbishment project for it was aimed at bringing back and preserving the essence of the original building. To make it larger and to meet the family’s need for more space, a building made of exposed reinforced concrete was put up and connected to the original structure through a glass linkway. The outcome flawlessly fuses together the old and the new, sitting seamlessly in harmony with the lush, open landscape surrounding it.

Santos Fine kitchen in a wood and grey finish
Open-plan Santos kitchen with no partition walls
Glazed hall open to the kitchen and dining room

The renovation undertook a complete overhaul of the interior of the original home, knocking down the partition walls that led to excessive partitioning. This made it possible to create larger, more open and comfortable spaces, where both light and the connection to the exterior take centre stage. The open-plan kitchen and dining room are found to one side of the glazed hall, taking up the entire floor of the concrete building. For the kitchen furniture, a FINE design by Santos was chosen, combining the Light Elm and Mink Grey wood finishes.

Santos centre island in a stone and grey finish
Kitchen with island open to the dining room with centre table
Santos kitchen in wood open to the dining room
Santos centre island with drawers and double drawers

The preparation and cooking areas are found in a centre island kitted out with two drawer units fitted with full-extension, large-capacity double drawers. The worktop’s stone finish, which extends over the sides of the island, creates an interesting contrast against the grey colour of the fronts and the back. To make serving and clearing away cutlery easier, the dining room was placed in front of the island – completely open and connected to the kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen in an elm wood finish
Wood kitchen with island and tall units
L-shaped Santos kitchen in wood

The rest of the furniture of this kitchen is laid out in an L along two partition walls, with two compositions of floor-to-ceiling tall units featuring fronts in a Light Elm wood finish on each end. Thus, there are two tall units integrating the fridge and freezer as well as a tall unit with retractable doors perpendicular to the island. Its custom interiors in a Light Elm wood finish come with shelves, interior double drawers and an oven. Parallel to the island, there’s a tall larder unit with adjustable shelves and another one with retractable doors and custom interiors in a Light Elm wood finish, which in this case comes with a breakfast area and drawer unit with two double drawers.

The washing-up area is found in the corner between the two blocks of tall units. Its strategic location, right in front of a large window, lets the users make the most of the natural light streaming in. The units in this area include a drawer unit, an integrated dishwasher and a sink unit with recycling bins.

Close dialogue. Open-plan kitchen in white, grey and wood with island

Publication: AD México
Santos dealer: Santos Costa Rica
Architecture: Roderick Anderson and Rebeca Montero (SARCO Architects Costa Rica)
Decoration: Nane Blohm (Nidu)
Photography: Andrés García Lachner

Home with pool and large windows
Exterior of house in grey and wood
Terrace open to the kitchen, lounge and dining room
Kitchen open to the living-dining room in white and wood

Casa Aramara is a family home located on the edge of the northern bay of the Papagayo Peninsula luxury resort in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. It’s a picture-perfect natural setting with a tropical dry forest, abundant vegetation and a large number of local fauna. The kitchen, dining room and lounge comprise the heart of the home, a social area that takes up nearly the entire floor of the main block’s upper level, which has been designed to enjoy memorable moments with family and guests. The space has been designed to be an open, spacious, bright and transparent space, with three glazed walls offering magnificent views all around.

Kitchen with centre island and units with integrated appliances
Santos kitchen with island and minimalist units
White, grey and wood Santos kitchen

The owners wanted a kitchen along the lines of the rest of the house: pared-down, open and integrated into its environment. They decided on a FINE model by Santos, characterised by its clean lines and plain fronts. The minimalist design of the units, together with the precise combination of the Anthracite Grey, Innsbruck White and Earth Walnut wood finishes, has made it possible to perfectly meld the kitchen with the materials and elements comprising the social area’s interior design.

Right in the middle of the room is a spectacular island that holds the preparation and cooking areas, with a worktop in a Natural Snow White finish. On its inside face, the island comes with an ice machine, two large drawer units and a hob unit – all of them with full-extension, large-capacity double drawers.

U-shaped open-plan Santos kitchen
Santos kitchen with white and grey centre island
Santos sink unit

The rest of the furniture in the open-plan kitchen is laid out in a U around the centre island. Thus, parallel to it is a row more than five metres long which holds the washing-up area. The lower part of this unit comes with three drawer units, two integrated dishwashers and a sink unit with recycling bins. The upper part of it has been kitted out with nine storage units with side opening doors. There’s a LED lighting profile beneath these units which, aside from providing light for the work area, has plugs that make it easier to connect and use small appliances. To create greater uniformity of colour, it was customised in the same finish as the fronts of the units.

Kitchen with white island and grey tall units
White, grey and wood Santos kitchen with island
Open-plan Santos kitchen with tall larder unit

Flanking the island are two impressive compositions of tall units which hold different appliances and storage solutions in a compact organised area. Thus, on one side, there are two tall larder units – which are perfect for food storage – and three tall units integrating two ovens, a microwave oven and a warming drawer. Two additional tall larder units stand on the other side, with drawer units at the bottom, plus the cold storage area, with a fridge and freezer.

An open-plan and interconnected space. White kitchen with a timeless style

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Architecture: Grupo Arial – Carbajo y Barrios Arquitectos
Styling: Emma López and Paula Ferreira
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez

Open-plan white Santos kitchen: practical and functional
Kitchen that opens into the living-dining room with a sliding door
Dining room with centre table and open to Santos kitchen

The owners of this flat, a young couple, wanted a practical and functional open-plan kitchen with plenty of storage space and areas for breakfast and quick meals. In accordance with their instructions, the kitchen was connected to the living-dining room through a large sliding door. To kit it out, they went for a MARCO model by Santos in a Silk Pearl White Matt finish. It’s a timeless design that’s the perfect blend of classic and modern, providing everything necessary to meet the demands of contemporary life.

Single-wall Santos kitchen open to the lounge
Kitchen with wall unit with flap door and LED lighting
Long, narrow, white kitchen

The furniture in this kitchen is laid out in a single row, in order to make the most of the long, narrow room. The first section holds the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas. This area includes a hob unit with full-extension, large-capacity double drawers, a fully integrated dishwasher and a sink unit with recycling bins. What’s more, to provide additional storage space, there’s a wall unit with flap doors which comes with LED lighting at the bottom. This solution runs along the entire length of the unit, providing continuous and uniform indirect lighting on the work surface and the sink.

Kitchen with counter and furniture with two tall units
White Santos kitchen with built-in furniture
Wood finish counter with worktop and shelf

The row of furniture is rounded off with two tall units. The first one is an oven unit that integrates a multifunction oven and microwave oven with grill, plus additional storage options. The second one, in contrast, is a composition that combines a base drawer unit and a roller shutter unit. The latter comes with plugs and its own lighting, making it possible to store and use small appliances without having to move them around. There’s a tall larder unit in front of these tall units, which is perfect for putting groceries away. Beside it, there’s a comfortable counter, with a worktop and shelf in a Santos Light Elm wood finish, which makes the most of the space.

Flat with timeless white Santos kitchen
Tall unit with integrated appliances
Kitchen with fridge unit and washing machine

The kitchen extends into an adjoining room accessible through a sliding door. In this space, kitted out with an Innsbruck White FINE design by Santos, the furniture has been laid out in parallel, with two tall units covering each of the partition walls. On one side, following the main line of the kitchen, there’s a tall fridge unit with an integrated combi fridge-freezer, and another storage unit on the worktop with a washing machine underneath. In front, rounding off the furnishings, is another tall larder unit, plus a utility unit for cleaning utensils and products.

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