Traditional with a very contemporary touch

22/ 03 / 2019

This single-family home is located in the ancient village of Cerdanya (Lleida) amidst forests and spectacular views of Cadí Natural Park and Cerdanya Valley. The renovation project sought to build a house with traditional elements which was modern at the same time and had a welcoming atmosphere.

A building that blends into its environment

The main objective of the renovation was to completely integrate the building into its stunning rural environment, featuring traditional shapes and materials: locally sourced stone for the façade, handmade clay roof tiles and pine wood for the wall and roof structure.

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The project was designed with an L-shaped floor, with two perpendicular wings for the daytime and nighttime areas. The house is closed off to the street and neighbours, but opens out to the garden to let users enjoy the landscape from any room.

The hall and garage remain at street level, while the rest of the house is located below this level, with part of the building underground to integrate it into the topography of the terrain. The stone wall, which slightly protrudes from the roof, emphasises the simple shapes created by the slope of the plot, giving the home its own particular geometry.

Wood takes centre stage inside the house, where the walls and ceilings are clad with spruce panels, and the floor is covered with a floating parquet of brushed natural oak.

The daytime living areas are comprised of the living room, dining room and kitchen within a roomy, open space that remains visually continuous. In it, the units help to create semi self-contained rooms, giving rise to cosy areas characteristic of mountain homes.

The nighttime areas include three children’s bedrooms and the master suite. The high-ceilinged narrow corridor leading to the bedrooms is brought to life thanks to a large skylight running along it which lets plenty of natural light stream in.

Character and personality for the kitchen

In the kitchen, the choice of the Silk Black LAH LINE model by Santos is perfectly in line with the project’s guiding principle: to create a timeless environment where traditional elements seamless blend together with contemporary ones.

The room was designed to provide the greatest capacity and functionality without going overboard. The cabinets are laid out around a large island which—aside from providing a large work surface—offers different storage and organisation solutions. The worktop has an overhang on the outer edge, serving as a comfortable counter on which to enjoy a snack or quick meal.

Parallel to the island is a row of units where the cooking and washing-up areas are found in the middle. On top of these are two wall units which include LED lighting for the work surface at the bottom. This area is fitted with a tall fridge unit, an oven unit with an integrated freezer and a larder unit with interior drawers.

The second set of cabinets forms an L with the other one, and includes a tall unit with shelves, a storage unit, three drawers and three wall units. Its layout creates a very practical alcove to place small electrical appliances in and serves as a breakfast area.

Project data

House type: Single-family home

Kitchen layout: L-shaped kitchen with island

Design: Traç Cuines

Architecture: Dom Arquitectura

Photography: Jordi Anguera

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