Santos Recipe for December: Marzipan with Glacé Fruits

11/ 12 / 2019

One of the best ways to enjoy cooking is preparing simple yet original dishes that, despite being easy to make, never fail to delight because of their appearance and amazing flavour. Our recipe idea for December is Marzipan with Glacé Fruits.

Recipe for Marzipan with Glacé Fruits iin the 2019 calendar of Santos kitchens


– 250 g icing sugar

– 250 g almonds

– 1 egg

– 100 g glacé fruits


Using a food processor, blend the sugar and almonds at the highest speed until finely ground.

Separate the egg white from the yolk. Set the yolk aside. Add the egg white to the mixture above. Knead until well blended.

Divide the mixture into three equal parts.

Line a loaf tin with cling film and create the first layer of marzipan using one-third of the mixture.

Mix another third of the mixture with the finely diced glacé fruits and create the second layer.

Top with the last layer of marzipan.

Brush the surface with the egg yolk and bake at 180 ºC for approximately 5 minutes using top heat. (optional).

Leave to cool, turn over and remove from the tin.

This recipe was created and photographed by photographer and food stylist Beatriz Rodríguez (Tobegourmet).

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