Santos Kitchens in refurbished homes

27 / 10 / 2023

Here are two refurbished home projects kitted out with Santos furniture, featured by publications specialising in architecture, décor and interior design.

Open-plan kitchen with island and eat-in area in a renovated flat

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Santos Vaguada
Construction: Reformar Renovación

Decoration and styling: Natalia Zubizarreta Interiorismo
Photography: Felipe Scheffel Bell

Living room in renovated flat

The owner of this flat – a recently separated young dad with two kids – needed to renovate it to make it fit for purpose for the new stage of life he just entered. The home is on the second floor of a building located in a housing estate with gardens, swimming pool, play area and sports pitches.

Living room with light-coloured tables and sofas
Redesign of internal layout of renovated flat

He thought the tranquil and family-friendly environment would be perfect for his kids, but the flat was in a very poor state as it was more than 40 years old. The renovation involved a complete redesign of the internal layout, removing unnecessary partition walls and hallways to create larger and brighter spaces. In terms of the interior design, the owner was keen on a minimalist and functional style that would facilitate everyday living – hence the simple and pared-down furnishings.

Daytime living area in renovated flat
Living room open to kitchen in renovated flat

The entrance to the flat directly leads to the daytime living area, with the kitchen on one side and the living room on the other. The two spaces are separated by a tilt-and-slide door, which lets users connect them or close them off without sacrificing brightness. In the living room – which is connected to the outdoor terrace – the partition wall where the television is stands out, with rendering that adds texture and visual impact to the atmosphere. Everything in this space has been intended to enable dad and kids to comfortably enjoy movie marathons at home, or get-togethers with family and friends.

White Santos kitchen in renovated flat
Santos kitchen with island in renovated flat

The kitchen was kitted out with Santos furniture featuring the Cashmere ELEA design and laid out around a centre island, which has two units with interior shelves and complemented by stools. This unit – aside from providing a large work surface – also serves as a table to enjoy informal meals.

L-shaped white Santos kitchen in renovated flat

The rest of the furniture in the kitchen was laid out in an L along two partition walls. One of the sections holds the preparation and washing-up areas, with an integrated dishwasher, drawer unit and sink unit with recycling bins.

Above this run, there are four wall units with adjustable interior shelves, flanked by shelves finished in Natural Oak wood. Underneath this composition, there’s an LED lighting profile with plug sockets, which provides indirect lighting over the worktop and makes it easy to use small appliances. The profile also comes with a slit to fit the intermediate area of the kitchen with practical accessories such as multipurpose racks, jar holders or roll holders. In this area, the furniture is rounded out with a fridge unit that looks quite unobtrusive as it’s integrated between a column and the wall.

Santos kitchen cabinets in refurbished flat
White Santos kitchen cupboards and runs

The other section of the L is where the cooking area is found, and it’s kitted out with a hob unit and two wall units that hold the kitchen hood. The wall units also feature shelves and an LED lighting profile. This run is completed by a tall unit that integrates an oven, a microwave oven and additional storage space. 

Santos kitchen eat-in area in refurbished flat
White Santos tall units

The available space in front of the kitchen island was used to create an eat-in area, designed to be the house’s main dining room as well as a work area. This room also features a laundry area located perpendicular to the table. It’s a composition of units which holds a tall washer and dryer unit, a tall utility unit and a storage unit to keep dirty laundry in until it’s ready for washing.

Private areas

Bedroom in refurbished flat
Suite in renovated flat with headboard and bedside tables
Children’s bedroom in refurbished flat
Accessories in flat with children’s bedroom

An interior design based on the right balance of light and warm colours was used in the three bedrooms, creating a wonderful feeling of serenity and sanctuary. In the suite, a wall rendered in clay beautifully sets off the headboard and oak bedside tables. The children’s bedrooms were decorated with lacquered wood feature wall cladding, which – aside from keeping the most vulnerable areas of the wall protected – adds a very attractive touch.

Bathroom in refurbished flat
Bathroom with porcelain flooring and wood

In contrast, porcelain tiles were used on the walls and floors of the bathrooms, with the children’s bathroom finished in faux linen fabric. The latter’s walls were painted green to make them look livelier and more cheerful.

Green kitchen with breakfast nook and eat-in area in a refurbished flat

Publications: Interiores, Arquitectura y Diseño
Santos dealer: Santiago interiores
Architecture: José Sanchidrián
Interior design: Tema interiores
Styling: Emma López, Patricia Crego and Paula Ferreira
Photography: Héctor Santos Díez

Comprehensive renovation of refurbished flat

The original layout of this flat – found on the third floor of a centrally located building – was extremely compartmentalised, resulting in many dark and narrow rooms. Its new owners, a couple with two daughters, decided to undertake a complete renovation before moving into it to turn it into a home with bright, open, comfy and cosy spaces.

The interior design played a crucial role in delivering the desired outcome, with a classic and timeless style that – using white as the perfect backdrop – emphasises the beige, grey, black and wood tones of the flooring, furniture and decorative elements.

Green Santos kitchen
Hallway and Santos kitchen in renovated flat
Green Santos kitchen with eat-in area

The kitchen – one of the main hubs for family life and interaction – has a very distinctive look, with green cabinets that make it stand out and give it a lot of personality. The kitchen also stands out for its meticulous planning, which not only made the most out of a long and narrow floor plan but also made tasks easier and favoured interaction among family members. An eat-in area was also added to the room.

Classic, contemporary, green Santos kitchen
Green Santos kitchen with units laid out in parallel
Green Santos kitchen with centre table

To kit out the kitchen, a MARCO model by Santos finished in Sage Green Silk Matt – a timeless design that blends classic and contemporary – was chosen. The cabinets were laid out in parallel, with an aisle that runs down the centre for the users to comfortably move about.

Green Santos kitchen with wall and base units
Washing-up area, green Santos kitchen

The first run holds the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas, with two hob units with full-extension, large-capacity double drawers, an integrated dishwasher and a sink unit with recycling bins in the double drawer at the bottom. Meanwhile, the upper area comes with five wall units with side opening door – four of them with interior shelves and an LED lighting profile at the bottom, and a fifth that houses the canopy hood.

Santos kitchen cupboard with lighting profile
Centre table, green Santos kitchen
Furnishings in green Santos kitchen
Green Santos kitchen with breakfast nook
Green Santos kitchen in renovated flat

The second run of kitchen furniture features a base unit and a tall storage unit with shelves and interior double drawers, a top box unit to make the most of the available space above the fridge, and a tall oven unit that holds a multifunction oven and a microwave oven. The centre features a breakfast nook, made up of a large drawer unit and a worktop-mounted rolling shutter unit. The latter comes with plugs and its own lighting, making it possible to store and use small appliances without having to move them around.

Fully equipped laundry

Laundry area in renovated flat
Furniture in white Santos laundry
Laundry attached to green Santos kitchen

The renovation also created a room adjoining the kitchen as a laundry area. In this case, an Innsbruck White ELEA design by Santos was chosen to kit it out and the units were laid out in an L.

At the back of the room, the shorter leg has a sink unit with worktop. Above it is a wall unit with flap door, with a bar for hangers at the bottom.

The longer leg holds a composition that includes a tall utility unit in the corner, a larder unit and a space to integrate a washer and a dryer. Above the latter, there’s a top box unit, which provides additional storage space.

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