Home design with Santos kitchens open to the daytime living area


This article showcases a number of home improvement projects kitted out with Santos kitchens, featured by publications specialisation in architecture, décor and interior design.

Renovated flat with white kitchen with island open to the living-dining room

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Cocinas CJR
Renovation: Transforma Decoración y Reformas
Styling: Doña Gila
Photography: Lupe Clemente Fotografía

Flat with open-plan white Santos kitchen

The athlete Ana Peleteiro and her partner, the athlete Benjamin Compaoré, decided to set up their family residence in Guadalajara with the upcoming birth of their daughter, Lúa. They chose a flat located in a quiet neighbourhood and well-connected to the city, which needed a comprehensive refurbishment to tailor it to their tastes and needs.

White Santos kitchen open to the living room
Flat with Santos kitchen with island open to the living room
White Santos island with washing-up area

One of the main asks of the owners was to transform the daytime living area into a large, open area, which would foster communication and interaction among the members of the family. To do this, a partition wall separating the kitchen from the living-dining room was removed, which made it possible to create a single, roomy and bright space where the different rooms came together. The exposed concrete column, recovered from the original separating wall, brings a touch of modern, industrial chic to a room with a cosy and homey feel.

To kit out the kitchen, they chose a FINE design by Santos, where the predominance of the Silk Sapporo White finish helps to enhance the space’s brightness, while the wood notes of the Synchro Rustic Oak finish bring warmth and balance to the room.

Santos kitchen open to the living room separated by an island
Santos kitchen with island, open to the living room

The pièce de résistance of the kitchen is a large island that – aside from holding the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas – helps to visually separate the kitchen from the adjacent living-dining room without foregoing the open-plan concept. On its inner face, the island includes two large drawer units, a hob unit, a base storage unit, an integrated dishwasher and a sink unit with recycling bins in the bottom double drawer.

Kitchen with island and white and wood units
Santos island with open units with shelves

The outer face of the island features a panel extending down to the floor and an open unit with shelves finished in Synchro Rustic Oak. This was finished off by creating an original side that forms a V with the worktop. In addition, the work surface was extended towards the outer face of the island so it could serve as a counter.

Flat with white Santos kitchen finished in wood
White Santos kitchen with furniture along a single wall
Flat with white Santos kitchen and tall units

Parallel to the island, there’s a row of furniture laid out along a single wall. Within a compact, organised space, it offers multiple storage and integration options, aside from a breakfast bar. One end of it was used for the cold storage area, with two tall units that integrate the fridge and freezer. The other end features a tall oven unit and a tall washer and dryer unit.

Santos kitchen with cabinet with breakfast bar

The middle of the run was used to create a breakfast bar, an open space clad with wall panels finished in Synchro Rustic Oak wood. Its furnishings include two large drawer units and two wall units with flap doors, featuring custom interiors in the same finish as the panels.

Santos breakfast cupboard finished in oak
Kitchen accessories in Santos breakfast cupboard
LED lighting in Santos kitchen with wall units

An exclusive LED lighting profile by Santos was installed beneath the wall units, which provides indirect decorative lighting over the work surface. This profile comes with plug sockets that make it easy to connect and use small appliances, as well as a slit to always keep practical accessories such as a kitchen paper roll holder within easy reach.

This is rounded off by two top box units, which expand the capacity of the furniture up to the ceiling. These optimise storage space, providing users with the option to store rarely used items that would otherwise take up valuable space in the kitchen.

White kitchen with island in a home on the Costa Brava

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Dalmau Interiors
Architecture and interior design: Jané & Font Arquitectura & Interiorismo
Photography: Jordi Miralles

Exteriors of detached single-family home with pool
Kitchen open to the outside through picture windows
Detached single-family home with table and pool

This detached single-family home, located in a hillside on the Costa Brava, consists of two superimposed bodies, with the upper one slightly set back in comparison with the lower one. This difference in volumes is instrumental to two of the most characteristic features of the building: the continuous balcony on the upper floor, which runs along all its rooms, as well as the porticoed area on the ground floor, where the link between interiors and exteriors is at its greatest.

Exteriors of detached single-family home with two floors and pool
Home with living room open to the kitchen and the outside
Kitchen and living room open to the outside of the home

The entrance to the house is through the deck, and the areas have been distributed between both floors according to their purpose. Thus, the hall and the private areas – three bedrooms and two bathrooms – are found on the upper floor, while the lower floor is where the public areas are found, in addition to a suite and a guest toilet. The stone of the walls that outline the property provide continuity with the façade and columns of the first floor, endowing it with consequence and integrating it into the environment.

Airy living room with large windows
Home with muted and elegant living room
Living room in light colours open to Santos kitchen
Bright living room, with furniture in light colours

The simplicity of the exterior design extends to the interiors, where the rooms are laid out with pared-back elegance to emphasise the connection between the home and the landscape around it. Thus, large windows predominate, which enhance the home’s brightness and offer breathtaking views of the sea from any vantage point.

The furnishings and the décor feature contemporary elements, which have been carefully chosen to underscore the building’s Mediterranean feel. The colour scheme – where light colours predominate – is balanced out with warmer touches provided by wood, stone, upholstery and porcelain tiles, creating a serene, pleasant and extremely cosy atmosphere.

Home with spacious open-plan kitchen and living room
Open-plan kitchen and living room, linked to the outside
Graphene grey Santos kitchen finished in wood

The public area of the home is a spacious, open area shared by the living room, dining room and kitchen. The front part of this area, as well as one of its sides, features floor-to-ceiling glazing to link it to the outside. There are no divisions or obstacles between the different rooms, facilitating movement and interaction among users.

Home with black Santos kitchen and island
Santos centre island with attached table
Santos kitchen with island, with cabinets and drawer units

The kitchen, kitted out with a Graphene FINE design by Santos, is laid out around a centre island with attached table, which holds the preparation and cooking areas. On its inner face, it has a hob unit and a drawer unit, both with three tiers of full-extension, large-capacity drawers. This system gives a panoramic view of their contents, facilitating access and organisation of tableware, crockery, food and large utensils. The outer face of the island, finished in Rustic Oak wood, has an open unit with shelves. The worktop – with an overhang towards this side – serves as a counter for snacks or quick meals.

Santos kitchen with island and tall units
Santos kitchen open to the living room and the outside of the home
Santos kitchen island with storage shelves

The rest of the kitchen furniture is laid out parallel to the island, framed by a partition wall to minimise its impact. The middle of the composition, comprised of three base units, includes the sink unit, integrated dishwasher and a storage unit. There are four wall units with side opening door hanging above them, providing additional storage space. What’s more, the LEDs installed at the bottom provide lighting for the work surface. The row is rounded off with three tall units located at the ends, which hold the fridge, ovens and storage space.

Black kitchen with island and dining room in a renovated traditional home

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos dealer: Clysa
Architecture: Héctor Hidalgo i Pelegrina
Interior design: Sergi Quilez i Durán
Styling: Clysa
Photography: Kris Moya Studio

Exteriors of renovated home with three floors
Renovated home with three floors and pool
Exteriors of renovated home with chill-out area

This detached house, owned by a couple with two adolescent children, is distributed across three floors. The first is a basement with parking, technical room, larder, laundry and leisure area; the second is on the ground floor, designed for the home’s public spaces, and the third is on the first floor, where the private spaces are found. The southern end of the plot features a chill-out area with a water feature, while the northern end has a pool. What’s more, there’s an annex with an outdoor kitchen and storage space.

Renovated home with floors featuring different designs
Exteriors of renovated home with glazing
Home with three floors, glazing and pool

The home is divided into three blocks, with the tallest one in the middle flanked by two prism-shaped white ones. The first has large openings to the outside, and is where the entrance, stairs and lift are found. The latter two house the daytime living area, a guest toilet and a multipurpose room on the ground floor, plus three suites on the first floor.

Santos kitchen and living room with central staircase
Home with open-plan living room and grey furniture
Open-plan, bright and spacious living room
Living room with centre table and chairs
Home with private prayer room

The daytime living area has been designed to be a large, open space shared by the kitchen, dining room and living room, which are found on both sides of the stairs. This floor also comes with a private and secluded prayer room, which faces the direction of the holiest site in Islam: the Kaaba.

Home with black Santos kitchen open to the dining room

The kitchen has been kitted out with a Silk Black FINE design by Santos, with plain fronts without handles. The centrepiece of the room is a large centre island that holds the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas. The worktop – with an overhang towards one of the sides – serves as a counter for breakfast or quick meals. The island is packed with features on both faces: two drawer units, a hob unit, a sink unit with recycling bins and an integrated dishwasher on the inner face, plus three large drawer units on the outer face. A discreet ceiling hood takes care of fume extraction, contributing towards creating a more uncluttered look as it does away with visual barriers.

Home with black Santos kitchen with tall units
Santos kitchen with cabinet with retractable doors
Open-plan black Santos kitchen with island
Dining room open to black Santos kitchen

The kitchen furnishings are rounded off with a composition of tall units parallel to the island. The run holds the oven and microwave oven, fridge freezer, and a cabinet with retractable doors in the middle. Its fronts can be temporarily hidden away along its sides, making it easy to access and see the entire space. Its interiors, customised in an American Walnut wood finish, comes with shelves, interior drawers and an auxiliary work area with worktop that is perfect as a breakfast bar thanks to its lighting profile and plug sockets.

Round dining table and hanging lamp
Hanging lamp in dining room

Facing the kitchen is the double-height dining room, kitted out with a round table and lighted by a magnificent hanging lamp.

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