Santos kitchens in wood: warmth and naturalness

30 / 04 / 2021

Santos wooden finish laminates accurately reproduce the look and feel of natural wood, making even the tiniest details distinguishable by the eye and touch. The kitchens of the following interior design projects, belonging to refurbished homes, are a wonderful example of how these materials bring warmth and naturalness to the rooms.

Spaces designed for living. Kitchen with finishes in white and wood.

Publication: Cocinas y Baños
Santos distributor: Clysa
Photography: Kris Moya Studio

Living area with wooden floor and white sofa

The original structure of this flat was extremely compartmentalised, with a large hallway, a separate kitchen and a generally gloomy appearance. In response to the needs of its new owners, a comprehensive renovation was planned in order to create more spacious, comfortable, bright and pleasant rooms. It did away with the corridor to create a single, free-flowing central area, shared by the entrance hall, living area, dining area and kitchen. Harmony among the different rooms was reinforced by using a wooden finish laminate flooring for the entire floor.

Hall with wooden cabinet and floor
Entrance with natural oak wooden structure

The entrance leads to the hall, which is fitted with a white Santos cabinet to store coats, bags or shoes in upon arriving home. This area is separated from the living area by means of a natural oak wooden structure, which provides privacy without diminishing brightness. A wall-mounted sideboard, also made to measure in natural oak wood, extends the entrance hall and visually connects it to the rest of the home.

Living area and entrance in white and wood
Kitchen in white and wood open to the dining area
Open-plan wooden Santos kitchen

The living area is located to the right of the hall, benefiting from the light that streams in through a large window. The dining area with a wooden table and bench is in a corner of the floor, halfway between the living zone and the kitchen.

Kitchen with peninsula in white and wood

The renovation opened the kitchen to integrate it into the daytime living area, turning it into one of the main hotbeds of interaction in the home. The furniture, designed by Santos, combines finishes in white and oak wood, reinforcing the brightness and warmth of the room. The room is laid out around a large central peninsula featuring fronts with a Synchro Rustic Oak laminate finish and a sand-coloured worktop, which aids the transition between the work zone and the dining and living zones.

Kitchen peninsula with black slate
Open-plan kitchen with peninsula and wood
Santos kitchen with peninsula in white and wood
Kitchen with wooden divider cabinet

The peninsula holds the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas, plus numerous organisation and storage options on both sides. One of its sides is adjacent to a custom-made wooden divider cabinet, which comes with a blackboard, plugs and spaces to hold cookbooks and decorative items. This cabinet gives the area for the entrance to the bedrooms independence. To round off the furnishings, perpendicular to the peninsula, there is a large set of tall units with a Pearl White finish which holds the fridge, ovens, storage units with inner shelves and a rolling shutter unit within a compact space.

Connected with nature. Rustic kitchen with wooden finish.

Publication: Casa Viva
Santos distributor: Traç Cuines
Photography: Jordi Anguera

Exterior of the house with pool

One of the key aspects of the renovation of this rustic home—which comes with a garden and pool—is the quest for connection and spatial continuity between the house and its surroundings, by means of open-plan rooms that are visually connected to the landscape. The choice of materials, in which natural colours such as stone or sand, helps to reinforce this idea.

Home open to the pool and garden
Home in stone or sand colours
Bedroom with garden view
Rustic home with open-plan rooms

The house consists of two levels: a basement, which holds the living area and auxiliary areas, plus the ground floor with the main rooms. The latter is organised into two rectangular blocks positioned perpendicularly to offer views of the garden in all directions. One of the blocks holds the porch and public areas—living area, dining area and kitchen—, while the other holds the private areas—two suites, two children’s bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Living area open to the kitchen and dining area
Living area with wooden furniture
Kitchen, living area and dining area with wooden finishes

The layout of the interiors is free flowing and open, with openings and views of the garden and courtyards in all directions from the inside. The exposed wooden ceiling, together with the oak slats, lime plaster and dry stone walls, jute rugs and the rest of the decorative accessories and furniture, creates a cosy and traditional atmosphere with a decidedly Mediterranean air.

Santos kitchen with island and wooden finish

The kitchen is fitted with furniture designed by Santos, combining the Cashmere grey colour with the Synchro Rustic Oak woodgrain laminate, which go perfectly with the interior design of the home. The room is laid out around a large central island, which holds the cooking area and an auxiliary washing-up area. The island worktop, with an overhang on one end, comes with stools to serve as a comfortable counter for breakfasts, snacks and quick meals.

Kitchen worktop and island in light colours and wood

In front of the island, there is a row of base units comprising the preparation and washing up-areas, featuring two drawer units, an integrated dishwasher, a sink unit with waste bins in the lower drawer, and lastly, a wine cooler to hold bottles of wine.

Santos kitchen in wood and cashmere with island

A row of tall, wall and base units with a wooden finish runs behind the island, holding fridges, drawer units and an alcove with a shelf and worktop in the middle. The furnishings are rounded off with a second set similar to the former in Cashmere and located perpendicular to the island. It holds storage units, ovens and an alcove in the middle for containers, decorative accessories and small kitchen appliances.

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