The Santos Estudio Gijón kitchen showroom unveils new premises and expands its display

8 / 07 / 2022

Santos Estudio Gijón, an exclusive Santos kitchen showroom in Asturias, recently moved to new premises with a more comprehensive and organised display.

Entrance to the new Santos Estudio showroom in Gijón

The founder of Santos Estudio Gijón, Rafael Álvarez Díaz, started collaborating with Santos in 2006. The showroom was located in Villaviciosa (Asturias) then and was called Villaviciosa Interiores. It was in late 2014 when its name was changed to the current one when it was moved to Gijón. Now, eight years after its arrival to the city, the studio decided to take a new step in its evolution and move to larger and brighter premises. This has enabled it to increase its furniture and sample display space as well as the customer service areas.

From the outset, the showroom has strongly identified with the philosophy and values of Santos, particularly in terms of maintaining the quality of its products, ongoing development of innovative solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. This rapport is so good that, as Rafael himself acknowledges, all the new products presented by the brand are exactly what the studio is looking for.

Santos Estudio team in Gijón
Santiago Estudio Gijón team, from left to right: Tino García Fernández (Fitter), Fran Abardía Medina (Fitter), Rafael Álvarez Díaz (Manager), Gemma García Vallina (Administration and orders), Nuria Roza Caneda (Project design and customer service) and Jimena Donapetry Álvarez (Project design)

At present, Santos Estudio Gijón has a team of six people, which includes specialists in project design, customer service and fitting, as well as an administration and order management manager. The showroom on its new premises, which has a floor area of 120 square metres, lets visitors get a first-hand look at the latest products launched by Santos in kitchen and living-dining room furniture.

Santos kitchen in the new showroom in Gijón
Kitchen with island by Santos Estudio Gijón
Interior of the Santos kitchen display in Gijón
Parallel kitchen with island by Santos kitchens in Gijón
Interior of the new Santos Estudio showroom in Gijón

The display features four kitchens with different layouts and furnishings. One of them is a one-wall kitchen in an Anthracite Grey finish, with a worktop and wall panels in Ceppo di Gré laminate. Another kitchen boasts an island in a Cashmere Silk Matt finish, which is rounded off by a sideboard inspired by traditional china cabinets, with glass doors at the top and drawers at the bottom.

Interior of the new Santos kitchen showroom in Gijón
Santos kitchen with island in parallel
Parallel kitchen with island by Santos Estudio Gijón
Kitchen open to the dining room by Santos Estudio in Gijón
Santos kitchen with island in white marble

The third kitchen is kitted out with an island in a Grey Marble finish, featuring exclusive plinth drawers that expand the space available in the base units down to the floor. In this case, the island is accompanied by a run of tall units in a Silk Black LAH finish with a retractable unit. The fourth kitchen, in contrast, has an island in a Mist Grey finish, worktop made of a White Marble compact laminate, attached dining table and tall units in a Natural Oak wood finish.

Island in white marble with sink by Santos kitchens Gijón
Interior of the Santos Estudio display in Gijón

The showroom also has products from the new Santos Living line on display. These have been designed to kit out the daytime living area and create more harmonious and cohesive spaces: a glass door unit with a black aluminium frame, smoked glass fronts and an interior lighting system for shelves, as well as a modular sideboard unit with shelves at the top and drawer units at the bottom.

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