Island kitchen that opens out to the dining room and living room

06 / 03 / 2017

Anthracite Grey INTRA-E /
Polar White LINE-L

The renovation of this holiday home seeks to completely harmonise its exterior with its surroundings—a breathtaking setting on the coast of Almería by the sea and bathed in sunshine. The building’s clean, simple lines are reflected in its interior, where the kitchen, dining room and living room are found all together in a spacious area. This room is clearly the heart of the home—an open area which connects the different areas both physically and visually to foster interaction among users.

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The kitchen has been fitted following the principles of subtlety, functionality, capacity and beauty. The units are made up of the INTRA-E and LINE-L models by Santos, two handle-less designs which—with their minimalist lines—blend into an architecture distinguished by natural light, simplicity and the absence of accessory elements.

The room is structured around a central island that serves as the cooking area and provides storage space and a large work surface. Its exterior side has a counter for breakfasts and quick meals, aside from an open shelf for trays and glassware.

Behind the island, a combination of base units and mid-height units has been used for the pantry and washing-up areas. Perpendicular to it, a row of tall units holds several electrical appliances and storage units. The absence of wall units—together with the built-in ceiling hood—does away with visual barriers, favouring the entrance of natural light.

The integration solutions offered by the cabinets designed by Santos help to ensure that everything is always concealed from view and spotless—a key element in a kitchen open to the rest of the house. The Anthracite Grey finish of the island and base units provides the perfect foil to the rest of the interior design, which is predominantly white. This striking contrast helps define the kitchen area, adding another dimension to it and bringing it to the fore.

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The refurbishment has maintained part of the house’s structure, as well as its single-storey layout, and has reorganised it to create spaces that are more open, brighter, more comfortable and more functional.

The tyrolean render finish that is characteristic of the area has been removed from the exterior façade to give it a more modern finish, using only white aluminium that blends into the house’s overall look.

The building is surrounded by palm trees, a vegetable garden, two terraces and two porches. The renovation also included a swimming pool and several functional areas: a changing room with shower, two storerooms for beach items, a patio for clothes drying, a box room for bicycles and a two-car garage.  Stairs—located beside the porch with the swimming pool—lead to a lookout point from where one can enjoy fantastic views of the sea.

One of the most important elements of the interior design is—without a doubt—natural light, which generously streams in through the many windows and glass doors all over the house.

This is further enhanced by the use of a colour scheme where white predominates—used on the walls, ceilings, doors, frames and furniture, as well as on the porcelain flooring, which is found throughout the house to create a greater feeling of spaciousness, coherence and harmony.

  1. Kitchen projectDocrys
  2. House typeDetached house
  3. Kitchen distributionL-shaped kitchen with island
  4. Architecture, décor and stylingDocrys Cocinas & DC Arquitectura Interior
  5. PhotographyDavid Frutos