Santos Recipe for June: Garlic and Olive Oil Sauce

04/ 06 / 2019

One of the best ways to enjoy cooking is preparing simple yet original dishes that, despite being easy to make, never fail to delight because of their appearance and amazing flavour. Our recipe idea for June is Garlic and Olive Oil sauce.


– 2 organic eggs.

– 100-200 ml extra virgin olive oil.

– 100-200 ml sunflower oil.

– 1 large clove of garlic.

– Salt


Place one whole egg and the yolk of the other one in the beaker of the hand blender.

Combine the two types of oil together in a jug.

Make a mayonnaise by beating the egg at medium speed while adding a thin trickle of oil at the same time.

Once the sauce has emulsified, gradually add more oil; the more oil added, the greater the amount of sauce.

Add the salt and finely chopped garlic (with the germ removed).

Blend a little more until the garlic is completely incorporated.

Keep refrigerated until serving

This recipe was created and photographed by photographer and food stylist Beatriz Rodríguez (Tobegourmet). 

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