Santos Kitchens in workspaces, by Andrea Muñoz Diseño

08 / 05 / 2020

Kitchens designed by Santos not only fulfil their function in homes, but also in workspaces—whether they be offices, factories or showrooms—, adapting to the specific needs of each case. Spaces designed by the studio Andrea Muñoz Diseño for the companies Cecinas Nieto and Lactiber are a wonderful example of this.

Andrea Muñoz, all-round designer

Andrea Muñoz is an industrial designer specialising in interior design, a field which she has always been fascinated with. She comes from a family engaged in the sale of furniture for more than 45 years now, which is why she says she was born and raised amidst furniture. In fact, she spent afternoons as a child creating pretend furniture and apartments using building sets.

In 2011, she founded her own interior design studio in León, Andrea Muñoz Diseño, where she carries out all kinds of projects—from renovations and decoration of homes, workspaces, hospitality establishments, retail outlets and other commercial interiors—, providing comprehensive services that encompass the different stages. Andrea’s designs are characterised by a casual, fresh and colourful style, where the name of the game is functionality, but not at the expense of aesthetics and balance in the final outcome. Although all her projects embody this essence, she always manages to make each one uniquely different.

Showroom with kitchen for the company Cecinas Nieto

Cecinas Nieto, a family-owned company engaged in the production of cecina air-dried beef, expanded its facilities with the acquisition of a new plant, which was completely renovated to include new drying rooms, an office area and a showroom. Andrea Muñoz’s studio was in charge of the factory’s interior and exterior design, as well as landscaping. Great care was taken with the latter aspect, as the building is located amidst a natural setting in Pradorrey, a few kilometres from Astorga (León), surrounded by holm oak trees and boasting excellent views of Teleno—the highest peak of the Montes de León mountain range.

The showroom had to be a multipurpose area that could be used for product display as well as serve as a venue for cooking demos and tastings with customers. To this end, it was provided with a large bespoke display cabinet, a fully equipped kitchen and a sizeable table for both tastings and meetings alike.

The kitchen, a FINE design by Santos, is located at the back of the room, dominating the area. Its impressive three-square-metre island includes the preparation, cooking and washing-up areas, large drawers for utensils and supplies, and bins for classifying and recycling waste. The cooking area has a griddle, gas burners and an induction hob, in order to provide for the different ways the company’s products can be prepared. The Nero Marquina worktop by Neolith, which runs beyond the outer edge of the island, creates an overhang that—with the addition of stools—gives visitors front-row seating during the live cooking sessions.

The kitchen furnishings are rounded out with a set of tall units placed parallel to the island, housing a refrigerator with freezer, wine cooler, coffee maker and oven, as well as space for storing glasses and a unit for storing cleaning utensils.

The chosen finishes, Silk Black LAH for the island and Rustic Oak for the tall units, seamlessly blend in with the corporate colours and the rest of the interior design concept. Everything together creates an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the past, with an industrial design that is warm and welcoming at the same time, where visitors can feel right at home.

Kitchen design: Andrea Muñoz Diseño
Santos Distributor: Santos Astorga
Location: Cecinas Nieto (Pradorrey, León)
Floor area: 51 m2 (Kitchen + Showroom)
Layout: Parallel to the island
Santos Units: Black Silk LAH FINE (Island) / Rustic Oak FINE (Tall Units)
Tall unit handles: Made by Mengual in black iron
Worktop: Neolith Nero Marquina
Photography: María Merchante – Fotografía de Arquitectura

Rest areas with kitchen for the company Lactiber

The dairy company Lactiber carried out comprehensive renovations of its facilities, adding coffee break facilities with a kitchen on its two floors, so that workers could get together and enjoy their break.

To kit out the kitchens, which would be used by a large number of people, Andrea Muñoz’s studio chose the Santos brand for its quality, resistance and durability. Thus, both were equipped with a handle-less ELEA design, with Cashmere (ground floor) and White Seff (upper floor) finishes. Furthermore, as they are not rooms intended for cooking, Light Elm Laminate worktops were used for both of them.


On the ground floor, an area for office staff and visitors was created, with an in-line kitchen that comes with an integrated combi fridge-freezer, microwave oven, dishwasher and washing-up area. The rest was used for closed storage, except for an area with a decorative open shelf. This makes it possible to leave corporate items such as cups or mugs in sight, serving users in good stead, and adding a decorative touch to the atmosphere.

The upper floor, on the other hand, was provided with a more spacious area, serving as a canteen for the factory workers. The furnishings are laid out in line, with the kitchen at the centre, vending machines on one side and tall units integrating the workers’ lockers on the other. The kitchen includes a washing-up area, microwave oven and a large refrigerator, where users can store their food during the working day. As a storage solution, there are closed cabinets in the upper area.

Kitchen design: Andrea Muñoz Diseño
Santos Distributor: Santos Astorga
Location: Lactiber (Trobajo del Cerecedo, León)
Floor area: 11.40 m2 (Ground floor) / 35 m2 (Upper floor)
Layout: Linear
Santos Units: Cashmere ELEA (Ground floor) / White Seff ELEA (Upper floor)
Worktop: Light Elm Laminate
Photography: María Merchante – Fotografía de Arquitectura

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