Open-plan Santos kitchen in the home-workshop of a luthier


The owner of this loft is a luthier who – to enjoy closer and more personal contact with their customers – decided to transform their home into a home-workshop.

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Open-plan Santos kitchen with island in home-workshop
Santos kitchen with island open to the living room

The space chosen to bring this idea to life was an old ironmonger’s located right in the heart of the city’s historic district. The premises, divided into two floors connected by an indoor staircase, had everything needed to create the quiet and peaceful atmosphere the luthier sought for their workday. The project kicked off with comprehensive work aimed at defining and organising the spaces. Thus, after the renovation, the entrance to the loft is through a large metal folding door, which leads to a spacious entrance hall. Through the doors of a wrought-iron stained-glass door, this leads directly to the daytime living area – a free-flowing and multipurpose space where the living room, kitchen with island and workshop create a completely open atmosphere. The ground floor also has an office and a toilet, while the mezzanine holds a suite.

Grey kitchen with white worktop in home-workshop

The interior design – based on the simplicity of a colour scheme where light colours predominate with touches of wood to balance it out – has created a bright, serene, pleasant and extremely cosy atmosphere. The furnishings have been chosen in line with this overall look, after carefully assessing the visual and functional weight of each element to create practical and comfortable spaces where people can freely interact and move about.

Grey kitchen with island and counter

Parallel Santos kitchen in home-workshop

The daytime living area has been laid out around a large kitchen with island located in the middle of the floor. A FINE model by Santos finished in Grey Mist – with its design of clean lines and smooth fronts – was chosen to kit it out, as it seamlessly blends into the home’s interior design. The furniture has been laid out in parallel, with a large island that serves as a transition between the different spaces in the daytime living area.

Grey Santos kitchen with white worktop
Santos kitchen furniture in home-workshop

The island holds the preparation and cooking areas, with a Santos worktop in White Marble finish compact laminate and plug sockets on the side. The work surface, which extends towards one side of the island and is supported by a metallic bent leg finished in Black Aluminium, serves as a versatile and practical counter. A ceiling hood takes care of fume extraction, contributing towards creating a more uncluttered look as it does away with visual barriers.

Island with storage units in Santos kitchen
Grey Santos kitchen base unit
Drawers and double drawers in Santos kitchen with island

The island offers plenty of organisation and storage options – all easily accessible thanks to the discreet profile handles along its fronts. Thus, between its two sides, there are six large units with full-extension and large-capacity interior drawers and double drawers. The interior drawers have a modular base designed for adding accessories such as knife racks, chopping boards or spice racks, specially designed to optimise their capacity and favour their customisation. The double drawers are also complemented by accessories that help to organise their contents, such as a plate rack with wooden pegs that can be repositioned, partitions or wooden containers

Galley kitchen with Santos island in home-workshop
Grey and white Santos kitchen with units and shelves
Area with shelves in grey Santos kitchen

The rest of the kitchen furniture has been laid out in a row that – running parallel to the island – holds the base units, area with shelves and tall units. The washing-up area, with a Santos worktop in the same finish as the island, is found in the base units. The wall found above the work surface features a system of panels and shelves finished in White Marble, intended for holding containers and kitchen utensils. The composition comes with two exclusive LED lighting systems: a profile integrated into the bottom of the top shelf, which projects indirect lighting onto the panel, and another one fitted beneath the bottom shelf, which provides auxiliary lighting to the work surface. The latter comes with plug sockets to plug in small appliances, and a slit for practical accessories such as roll holders, a holder for a multipurpose jar, a knife rack and a spice rack. The slit has been customised in a White Marble finish, to give the whole the same look.

Unit with retractable doors in Santos kitchen
Grey and white Santos kitchen with tall units
Santos kitchen furniture in home-workshop

The row of furniture is rounded out with a series of tall units to integrate the fridge, store cleaning implements and crockery or utensils on adjustable shelves and double drawers. This area comes with a retractable unit with an oven, three interior double drawers, a shelf with rear lighting and an auxiliary work area with worktop, a lighting profile and plug sockets. The doors of this versatile unit can be temporarily hidden away along its sides, providing easy access to the entire space. Its interiors have been customised with the Grey Mist finish – on its sides and shelves – and White Marble finish – on its fronts, rear and worktop.


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Photography: Fernando de Bustos


Santos furniture: Mist Grey FINE.
Layout: Parallel with island
Worktop: Santos laminate finished in White Marble

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