Santos kitchen in white and wood with island in a home to be enjoyed with all five senses

07 / 02 / 2022

The owners of this new-build detached home with a contemporary design, a young couple with a child, wanted to make the most of its excellent location at the foot of the mountain of Montserrat (Barcelona), surrounded by trees, with fantastic views and a magnificent climate.

Precise and restrained interior design

Home exteriors with glass windows
Kitchen with glass windows with access to the outside
Home with Santos kitchen and glass windows

This home stands out for its clean lines and large glass windows that turn partition walls into gateways to the outside, aside from letting lots of natural light stream in.

Ground floor of detached home
Santos kitchen on the ground floor of detached home
White, stone and wood kitchen that opens out to the dining room and living room

The ground floor is where the common areas are found, which are laid out in a free-flowing and open L shape, with the kitchen and dining room found in the longer section and the living room in the shorter section. All rooms offer direct access to the garden with pool.

White, black and wood Santos kitchen

The precise and restrained interior design combines the cool serenity of white with the elegance of black, the distinctiveness of stone and the warmth of wood. The result is a cosy and comfy atmosphere, where calm and tranquillity reign, inviting everyone to enjoy each moment with all five senses.

The daytime living area starts in the kitchen

Santos kitchen in white and walnut wood with island
Santos kitchen with black and wood island
Open-plan kitchen in white and walnut wood with island

Santos’ FINE design, with its sleek lines combining American Walnut veneered wood and Silk Pearl White fronts, was chosen for the kitchen.

Kitchen with island and preparation and cooking areas
Kitchen island in black and wood with counter
Santos kitchen with island and drawer units

The room is laid out around a magnificent centre island, which holds the preparation and cooking areas, plus two hob units on the inner side and two drawer units on the outer side. The combination of the veneered wood and the black colour of the worktop creates a block that looks natural, elegant and sophisticated. The worktop continues along the island’s sides, with an overhang on one end, which serves as a counter for breakfast or snacks.

Kitchen with washing-up area and drawer units
Kitchen with washing-up area with white units
Bright, fully equipped kitchen in white, black and wood

Perpendicular to the island is the washing-up area, which has drawer units and a sink unit with recycling bins and an integrated dishwasher. This area stands out for the predominance of white, with the worktop and the Silk Pearl White finish of the furniture coming together to give it its own sparkle. 

Santos kitchen with tall units in a walnut wood finish
Tall oven units in Santos kitchen
Tall units and retractable tall units in Santos kitchen

To round off the furnishings, parallel to the island, there’s a row of tall units with veneered wood fronts which holds ovens, a fridge freezer, a utility unit for cleaning products, storage units and a retractable unit to store tableware and food within a compact, organised space. The retractable unit’s fronts can be temporarily hidden away along its sides, making it easy to see what’s inside and providing easy access. Inside, the cabinet has an additional work area with worktop, lighting profile and plug – perfect for using small kitchen appliances without having to move them.

Interconnected and harmonious environments

Dining room that opens out to the living room in detached home

The dining room, which features a wooden table with iron legs, is found right beside the kitchen to make serving and clearing away dishes and utensils easier. In contrast, the centrepiece of the living room is the TV area, marked off by veneered wood panelling in American Oak by Santos, which features wall-mounted containers at the bottom. A stone-covered column that adds a delightfully rustic touch to the atmosphere aside from integrating the fireplace is just the perfect finishing touch.

Dining room with wooden table and black chairs
Living room with TV and furniture in white and wood

The American Walnut wood finish of the island and tall units in the kitchen, the surface of the dining table and the panelling in the living room creates a subtle pattern that reinforces the connection and aesthetic harmony across the different rooms. 


Category: Detached home
Location: Montserrat (Barcelona)
Architecture: Marc Mogas
Construction: Vicaba
Interior design: Rogelio Martinazzo
Photography: Kris Moya Studio


Santos dealer: Clysa
Santos furniture: American Walnut FINE (Island and tall units) / Silk Pearl White FINE (Base units)
Layout: L-shaped kitchen with island
Worktops: Dekton Kelya (Island) and Neolith Avorio (Washing-up area)

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