White kitchen with island in a home with interconnected spaces

20 / 09 / 2021

This 150-square-metre flat, located on the first floor of a block of flats built in the 1960s, was overly compartmentalised, making it uncomfortable and cramped. Its new owners, a couple with three children, decided to undertake a comprehensive interior renovation to transform it into a spacious and comfortable home.

Renovate to create larger, more comfortable and cosier spaces

White kitchen with wooden table
White Santos kitchen open to the living area
Living area with Japanese sofa, table and rocking chair

The couple entrusted the renovation project to the architectural studio 2es+, which made a key decision to reorganise the rooms: to do away with the old hall. This made it possible to create a large T-shaped daytime living area, contoured and enhanced by white panelling. It is a large, open-plan and bright space that runs the length of the floor and is shared by the kitchen, dining area, living area and TV room.

White Santos kitchen with island open to the living area
White kitchen with windows open to the dining area and living area
White LED recessed ceiling lighting profile

The architects also designed an original set of interior windows, creating openings with sliding panels in the walls to let users connect the private areas with the common areas if they wish. The minimalist lines of the architecture are emphasised by a predominantly white interior design, which increases the abundance of natural light that streams into the flat. As a counterpoint, the warm notes provided by the wood and flooring – which covers the entire floor to add dimension and harmony to the different spaces – stand out. Artificial lighting is provided by a white LED recessed lighting profile, which runs along the perimeter of the property. The overall look is elegant and serene, while being warm and welcoming at the same time.

Dining area with white and wood table and benches
White and wood table and ceiling lamp
Dining area open to the kitchen and living area
Living area with sofa, rocking chair and side table
Home with TV room and white sofa

The dining area is found at the heart of the daytime living area and is kitted out with a set of white and wood table and benches designed by the architectural studio. Next to it, facing a large window, is the living area with a Japanese sofa, rocking chair and side table. At the opposite end of the kitchen is the TV room, designed for users to enjoy a film while seated on its large sofas.

Tall units in white lacquered MDF board
Home with white lacquered cupboards
Bedroom with white bed and furniture
Bathroom with white furniture

The overall style defining the public areas also carries over to the private areas, where the predominance of white is tempered by the flooring and the occasional touches of wood. All rooms have wardrobes made of white lacquered MDF board and are decorated with watercolour paintings by the artist Gemma Corrales, which add a unique and personal touch of colour. In the bathrooms, the tiles covering the floor were also used on the walls, creating a homogeneous backdrop that provides an interesting contrast to the white items.

Open-plan kitchen to enjoy good company

White Santos kitchen with island open to the dining area
Santos kitchen with white central island
Santos parallel kitchen open to the living-dining area

The kitchen is located very close to the dining area, to facilitate serving and clearing away cutlery. Its parallel layout – combining an island and tall units – minimises the number of trips necessary to prepare a meal and also makes it possible for several people to share the same space or task without getting in each other’s way. The furniture chosen is a minimalist design by Santos, with clean lines, plain handle-less fronts and a white finish. Due to its characteristics, the units seamlessly blend into the architecture and interior design of the property. This is quite evident in the row of tall units, which looks as if it were just another panelled partition wall in the house.

Santos kitchen with row of white tall units
Santos retractable unit with drawer unit and wine cabinet
White Santos kitchen with island and tall units
Kitchen with LED lighted shelves in retractable unit

The row of tall units comes with a fridge, a freezer and a retractable unit, which stands out for both its versatility and its large capacity for storing tableware and food. This cabinet has fronts that can be temporarily hidden away along its sides to facilitate visibility and access to the inside. The retractable unit comes with shelves with LED backlighting at the top and a drawer unit and wine cabinet at the bottom. Its central area provides a supplementary work area which – with its worktop, lighting profile and plugs – is the ideal place for preparing breakfast or using small kitchen appliances without having to move them.

Santos kitchen white central island
Kitchen island with sink, hob and oven
Ceiling hood in white Santos kitchen with island
Santos kitchen island with white worktop

Parallel to the row of tall units stands the heart of the kitchen: a sculptural white island that brings together the washing-up, preparation and cooking areas. This unit has a sink unit with recycling bins, a dishwasher, an oven unit and a hob unit with full-extension, large capacity drawers on its inner side. Smoke extraction is provided by a discreet ceiling hood. The white worktop, aside from giving the sink its shape, extends along the sides of the island, helping to create a sleek and compact structure. It also extends to its outer side, creating a counter that is a great place to enjoy breakfast or a quick meal while seated on its stools.


Category: Base panel
Location: Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
Floor area: 150 m²
Architecture: Álvaro Marín Durán and Alfonso Castro Lorenzo (2es+)
Interior design: María Teresa Ropero García and Covadonga Marín Durán
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez


Santos distributor: Santiago Interiores
Santos furniture: White Silk Matt KARMEL
Layout: Parallel to the island
Worktop: Krion K-Life Snow White

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