Tradition and trends
in a welcoming space

09 / 10 / 2013

Melamine LINE-E

This subtle and balanced restoration has managed to harmonize tradition with the latest decorative trends. The classical wood design is combined with more contemporary plain handleless furniture, converting the kitchen into a bright, warm and cosy space that, without betraying the original essence, offers maximum functionality and benefits.

More organisation:
three drawer levels


Horizontal projection

Doors are avoided in the base units, instead three different drawer levels are used. This system provides a panoramic view of what is inside the drawers and makes access easier, thereby making it more comfortable to cook and clean. 

Level one


The modular and compartmentalised pull-out trays, made of natural wood, make it easier to arrange the most frequently used items.

Level two


The plate rack helps organise the china and prevents plates from touching. The modular boxes increase the storage capacity and help keep things tidy.  

Level three


Level used for storing large kitchen utensils such as pots, pans or frying pans. The combinable boxes help with the classification and storage of fruits and vegetables.

Solutions designed

to help you


Plain handleless front

The LINE model’s plain front without a handle not only stands out for its aesthetic features but also has an important practical function as its continuous profile system allows the draw to be opened at any point.

Ventilation system
for hobs 

In just 60 cm width, the sink unit has 4 waste bins as well as pull-out boxes for organising cleaning accessories .

Sistema de ventilación
para placas

There is a discrete cut-out in the profile that improves air circulation where the electrical appliance is situated helping it function better. This system, designed by Santos, allows us to maintain the design of the kitchen fronts whilst still being able to use the drawer under the hob.

Lighting profile with
integrated pull-out hood

This profile gives sufficient light for working, also has electrical sockets for small electrical appliances and a slit in which we can place many accessories. 

Swing-up opening


This system allows the door to stay open in the exact position we want so that it doesn’t interfere with the work taking place. Its profile system allows the unit to be opened at any point.

Integrated canopy hood

The canopy hood, apart from being more discrete than the traditional kitchen hoods, offers additional storage area.

Zona de columnas:
capacidad, comodidad y versatilidad


Space for storing 


Apart from integrating the ovens and the fridge, the tall units offer plenty of storage space and room to organise household goods and food.

A door that always fits and is perfectly aligned

The whole door of the tall unit has a tensor on the inside of the front which can be easily adjusted so as to make sure the door stays aligned and fits perfectly.

More accessible contents

The upper part of the tall unit is equipped with shelves whilst the lower part has new interior drawers, designed by Santos, which make reaching and finding the contents much easier. 

Aesthetic and functional interiors

The front is made in the same material as the structure; this unifies the colours and the materials in the unit’s interior. The fronts’ height, higher then conventional fronts, helps avoid the contents from falling out.