The kitchen showroom Santos Brezo turns 30

30 / 07 / 2020

The kitchen showroom Santos Brezo celebrates a significant milestone in 2020: 30 years dedicated to its great passion of designing kitchens.

The kitchen showroom Santos Brezo turns 30
Miguel Carmona and Esther Carmona, managers of Santos Brezo

The history of Santos Brezo began in 1990, when Esther Carmona and Ramón Arévalo decided to open their own kitchen showroom. Despite her youth, she already had extensive experience in the sector, having worked at different establishments connected to the Santos brand. Ramón was not familiar with the world of furniture, but he wished to embark on a business venture and teamed up with his partner with great enthusiasm. They had Miguel Carmona’s support right from the outset, as he joined as a fitter and soon became the third business partner.

The kitchen showroom Santos Brezo turns 30
Ramón Arévalo, manager of Santos Brezo

Early years and expansion

Although their original idea was to open the showroom in Madrid, they finally opted for a quieter location, which would let them to enjoy a better quality of life. In their quest, they got as far as Guadalajara. They fell in love with the city and decided to stay for good. Of those early years, they remember endless days of work—made worthwhile by the great reception from the public—, as well as the hand-sketched designs using coloured pencils and watercolours, which many of their customers still keep. They started out with small premises, which they traded up to larger ones in 1993. In 1997, the opportunity to move to their current location came up, which has more room and whose location is better. They took on the challenge and personally took charge of all the renovations. This decision marked a turning point in the company’s history.

The kitchen showroom Santos Brezo turns 30
Evolution of the Santos Brezo showroom in Guadalajara, from left to right and from top to bottom: first premises (1990), second premises (1993), current premises (1997), current premises after image refresh (2017)

The other big moment, without a doubt, was the opening of a second establishment—this time in Madrid, from where many of their customers came. Thus, in 2014, they inaugurated their showroom in the Chamartín district of Madrid. A few years later in 2017, they gave the showrooms’ image a refresh and changed their original name—Brezo—to Santos Brezo, underscoring their absolute connection with the brand’s philosophy.

The kitchen showroom Santos Brezo turns 30
Santos Brezo showroom in the Chamartín district (Madrid)

Team, experience and an unchanging philosophy

Since 1990, many things have changed at Santos Brezo. The team has steadily grown to offer the most comprehensive services possible. Now it boasts a large staff of specialist professionals who all play a crucial role in the company. New technologies, materials and aesthetics have also arrived, and today’s kitchens have significantly evolved both technically and conceptually. Nevertheless, one aspect has remained unchanged: the team’s passion to handle each project with the consideration, care and attention it deserves.

The kitchen showroom Santos Brezo turns 30
The Santos Brezo team, from left to right and from top to bottom: Ramón Arévalo, Miguel Carmona, Esther Carmona (managers), Fernando Carmona, Carolina Kutlesa (showroom managers), Nerea Gutiérrez, Alba Jurado, Eliezer Olivar (sales consultants), Eva Rodríguez, Edgar Gutiérrez, Andrea Mejía (designers), Magda Sanz (administration manager), Laura Ropero (administration and accounting), José Luís Gutiérrez (measurement technician), José María Martínez (installation manager), Miguel Serrano, Pedro López, Ángel Luís Librado, Sergio Pérez (installation) and Vicky García (maintenance)

The years have served Santos Brezo well to grow, mature, gain experience and, most of all, consolidate their philosophy of creating designs that—by bringing together aesthetics, order, functionality and ergonomics—stand the test of time. For them, the key to a well-designed kitchen lies not on the outside, but on the inside. And this can be seen through its practical and functional contribution to the everyday activities of the people using it. Each kitchen is unique and must be suited to its users, meeting all their expectations and accompanying them for many years in both work and play. Listening and understanding people are what have always enabled them to put forth personalised and effective proposals with nothing missing and nothing superfluous, which meet specific needs.

The result of this way of thinking can be seen with the passage of time: the managers of the showroom recall that, even now, many of the kitchens that were designed and installed during their early years are still the heart of many homes. And even more telling, they are now fitting kitchens for the children of those initial customers. For Santos Brezo, there’s no greater satisfaction than seeing a job well done, and all these experiences motivate them to continue applying themselves with the same dedication, enthusiasm and passion as on their first day.


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C/ Ferial, 2
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