Santos Kitchens that open out to the living room: spaces that foster user interaction

—08 / 03 / 2017

Kitchen cabinets made by Santos, thanks to their minimalist design with pure lines, adapt to any architecture or interior design, helping to create contiguous open spaces that foster communication and interaction among users.

The magazine Interiores features a renovation project in which the kitchen, living room and dining room share a contiguous open space, connected to the outside by means of large windows. The kitchen is found beside the dining room, making movement between the two areas more convenient. Its units—a  Silk Black LAH LINE design by Santos, with sleek lines and plain fronts—discreetly blend into the interior design that combines the latest trends with rustic and traditional elements.

Casa Viva devotes an extensive article on the renovation of a home which—by doing away with the the partition walls that separated the kitchen, living room and dining room—has managed to integrate the three into one single space. The result is an unobstructed and multipurpose area, flanked on its ends with glass doors that let in an abundance of natural light. The fitted kitchen, a combination of the INTRA-L, UMBRA-L and PLANO designs by Santos with a Gloss White finish, further brightens the room.

Interiores and ByD Blog y Decoración take a look at the refurbishment of a flat which opens the kitchen out to other rooms, integrating it into one single large, open area, where the entrance areas, living room and dining room all flow together. In addition, it has a terrace separated by a moveable partition which, when the owners have no need for it, can be stowed away. The kitchen, fitted with the White Seff LINE-E and ARIANE designs by Santos, is located in a corner, with ample storage space and everything necessary to work within a floor area of only 5 square metres.

The blog Tecnohaus features a renovation in which the kitchen, which opens out to the living-dining room while connected to an outdoor terrace, is the heart of the home. The INTRA-L and SEDA designs by Santos with a Sand Grey finish, used for the central island and the tall unit area, respectively, were used. The light colour of its fronts, added to that of its worktops and walls, helps to create a harmonious, open and bright atmosphere.

Tecnohaus also visits a holiday home in which the kitchen, dining room and living room share a spacious area, where hallways and entrance areas come together. Due to its size and characteristics, this is undoubtedly the heart of the home, an open area that fosters interaction and freedom of movement. The kitchen has been fitted with the INTRA-E and LINE-L models by Santos, two handle-less designs which—with their pure, clean lines—blend into an architecture distinguished by natural light, simplicity and the absence of accessory elements.