Discover the Santos space at Casa Decor 2024


Santos, the kitchen furniture brand, will be at the 59th edition of Casa Decor, an annual exhibition for interior design, design, trends and lifestyle which will be held in Madrid from 11 April to 26 May.

Santos space at Casa Decor 2024 in the Palacio de la Trinidad
Palacio de la Trinidad in Madrid, where Casa Decor 2024 is being held.
Location of the Casa Decor 2024 space at the Palacio de la Trinidad in Madrid

Since it started in 1992, Casa Decor has been characterised by its unique set-up, choosing different iconic locations in the Spanish capital. The location chosen for the 2024 edition is the iconic La Trinidad Palace, a stately mansion built in 1928 and found on an estate with large gardens in the Salamanca District. This environment, defined by the platform organising the event as a ‘blank canvas waiting to be transformed’, will have fifty spaces decorated and kitted out by interior design, design, landscaping and fine arts professionals, which can be visited over a six-week period. 

Reflection of Time

Dome of the Palacio de la Trinidad, inspiration for the Santos space at Casa Decor 2024.

The design of the Santos space at Casa Decor 2024 – which we’ve called Reflejo del tiempo (‘Reflection of Time’) – was inspired by the different architectural and decorative aspects of La Trinidad Palace, which were given a twist using contemporary elements.

Architectural details of the Palacio de la Trinidad, inspiration for the Santos display at Casa Decor 2024.
Staircase and dome of the Palacio de la Trinidad, inspiration for the Santos space at Casa Decor 2024.
Flooring of the Santos space in Casa Decor, inspired by the dome of the Palacio de la Trinidad.

The flooring covering the floor of the room is a direct reference to the dome of the palace’s main building. It’s a mosaic created by Santos with a Light Ash base and American Walnut and Olive Ash inserts – three types of wood that wonderfully embody its designs.

Interior room of the Palacio de la Trinidad, inspiration of the Santos space in Casa Decor 2024.

In contrast, fabric-wrapped acoustic panels were used on the ceiling, an element that brings to mind details such as bed canopies, fabric wall coverings or the plaster panels in some of the building’s rooms. The ceiling is also fitted with lighting rails with three types of projectors, designed to highlight the details of the interior design. This is intended to reinforce the brightness of the space, while improving the sound quality to create a serene and secluded atmosphere.

For the kitchen furniture, Santos opted for designs with sleek lines, lightweight materials such as glass and natural finishes such as Olive Ash Wood – used in base units – and the Sensa Taj Mahal stone by Cosentino, a Brazilian quartzite found in the worktops and sink.

As a whole, the simplicity of the lines, the warmth of the colours, the design composition and the discreet neutrality of the interior design intertwine with the essence of the space, weaving together a harmonious tapestry that captures and preserves a unique moment like a snapshot, where visitors can dive in to discover traces and reflections of time that’s ever-fleeting.

The Santos philosophy: aesthetics and functionality

Santos space in Casa Decor with kitchen in Olive Ash and large display cabinet.

Santos designed its kitchen for Casa Decor 2024 by fusing clean lines with natural materials and warm textures, creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere where nothing is superfluous. Nevertheless, this minimalist concept of space did not keep the brand from attending to functional aspects that define and differentiate its offerings.

The design is based on a meticulous study of users’ movements and main needs, intended to promote a better experience in the kitchen. For one thing, the layout of the elements meets ergonomics guidelines aimed at streamlining workflows. And for another, the quality, resistance and durability of the materials used ensure long-term satisfaction.

Likewise, particular attention was paid to factors relating to optimising space, by featuring the brand’s exclusives, which help to maximise storage space and make organising contents a snap. The plinth drawer units – installed in the kitchen’s base units – stand out in this regard. They increase the storage space of units down to the floor and make the most of all the height and depth available under the worktop, creating up to four tiers of easily accessible storage space. Its fronts, which tilt inwards, prevent troublesome tripping when working near the work surface.

The kitchen interiors are another good example of this resolve to make the most of the available space. The drawers with a modular base, for example, have been designed to integrate interchangeable accessories such as cutlery trays, knife racks, spice racks or trays, so they can be customised and their space optimised. Plate racks, dividers and pull-out wooden containers can also be used with horizontal double drawers. They’re extremely useful for organising their contents without wasting any space.

Wood kitchen with island and glass door units

Island in Olive Ash wood and Sensa Taj Mahal worktop in Santos kitchen at Casa Decor.
Sliding display cabinet with smoked glass in the Cocinas Santos space at Casa Decor.

The kitchen is laid out around a large central island that holds the washing-up, preparation and cooking areas. This element, fitted with an induction hob and a built-in dishwasher by Miele, comes with many storage and organisation options: a hob unit, a sink unit with recycling bins, and three drawer units with full-extension, large-capacity drawers and double drawers.

The rest of the furniture is laid out around the island. Thus, parallel to its inner face, there’s a composition that’s a twist on a traditional china cabinet. The lower part of this run has four large drawer units that – with the help of accessories for drawers and double drawers – make it easy to keep dining room items such as cutlery, trays, tablecloths and napkins neat and tidy.

The wall perpendicular to the work surface is covered by a glass door unit with a sliding door system. Behind its glass doors, the entire space is divided by a panel with shelves finished in Olive Ash all the way to the ceiling.

Santos kitchen in Olive Ash wood with large illuminated display cabinet at Casa Decor 2024.
Santos display cabinet in Casa Decor in wood veneer and smoked glass.

As an additional feature, the shelves come with two exclusive LED lighting systems by Santos. The first, integrated into the rear edge of the shelves, projects indirect decorative lighting onto the panel, transforming the unit into a potential source of ambient light. The second, installed beneath the lower shelf, is a profile that provides extra lighting on the worktop. What’s more, it also comes with sockets to easily plug in small appliances, and a slit to fit practical accessories such as tablet, book or jar holders, kitchen paper roll holders, bars with hooks, spice racks and knife racks.

The kitchen furnishings are rounded off with a number of floor-to-ceiling tall units, located in front of the island’s outer face, and designed to integrate appliances and storage options within a compact and organised space. The Silk Pearl White Matt finish of the fronts – the same as that on the walls – lets these cabinets discreetly and naturally blend into the room’s interior design.

Palacio de La Trinidad
Francisco Silvela 82, Madrid
Espacio Santos: PAB-PB-04 44

La Trinidad Palace: Nacho Uribesalazar
Santos flooring: Iván Nespereira
Santos space: Lupe Clemente

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