Santos kitchen cabinets: designs that make it easy to combine materials and styles

—27 / 10 / 2015—

In their special Casas y estilo de vida (Homes and lifestyles) the daily newspaper Expansión, analyses the increase in the use of warm materials in the design of kitchen furniture. The model WOOD NATURA from Santos, with its combination of walnut fronts and aluminium handles proves that noble woods can coexist in harmony with even the most innovative designs and materials. Other media, specialised in decoration and interior design, have published articles in which the capacity of Santos’ kitchen cabinets for combining materials and styles is evident.

Mi Casa +Práctica covers a project in which a small kitchen, fitted with the ARIANE 2 Barrel Oak design from Santos, is made visually larger and brighter. The units are fitted in a single line, occupying just one wall, making it possible for the daylight to flood the kitchen through the window.

Apart from the layout, aspects such as the natural materials, the soft grey linoleum floor or the off-white colour of the walls also help make the room brighter. The contrast of the retro style cabinets and modern elements, such as the lamps, are a perfect decorative choice.

Tecnohaus Blog de Casas dedicates an extensive article to the spectacular renovation of an architectural ensemble typical of the Pyrenean region of La Cerdanya. The owners wanted sober, timeless rooms that were interconnected. This was achieved thanks to an ingenious combination of original elements and contemporary details.

The SEDA model from Santos in Sand Grey was chosen for the kitchens, a design that, thanks to the tone and uniformity of its fronts, adapts to the colour palette of the interior design. The floor materials mark the transition from one space to another: hydraulic tiles are used in the kitchen and passageways; parquet in real wood that has been aged is reserved for the living areas. The grey tones, present in the cabinet fronts and in the parquet, are counterbalanced with the warmer tones of the tables, beams and stones as well as in the colours of the floor tiles.

Thanks to their design and layout the Santos kitchen cabinets offer a very wide variety of features whilst fitting in perfectly in areas destined for work and also areas for relaxing and enjoying.

The remodel analysed by Interiores Minimalistas wanted to achieve an open-plan kitchen, defined by clear distinctive lines, in which the light should be the protagonist. Following these guidelines, the room was situated in the area of the house that receives the most daylight and is fitted with the LINE-E model in Seff White from Santos.

The layout in an L shape avoids visual barriers, and the minimalist fronts of the LINE-E design, plain and handle-less, favour the integration of the cabinets with the houses architecture, establishing and interesting contrast with the multicoloured hydraulic flooring.

Even though white dominates in the kitchen, the wood of the antique table and chairs, together with the colour of the floor, add a warm touch to a space designed to enjoy with the family.

Decoesfera and Interiores Minimalistas both dedicate posts to another kitchen renovation, in which a dividing wall that delimited an area for drying clothes was taken down in order to gain space and natural light.

The kitchen cabinets, fitted around an island, combine Santos’ models MINOS and LINE which, with their finish in silk matt white, boost the sunlight that enters the room during the daytime. The minimalist design and the purity of the lines of both models help the surprising combination of materials such as brick, slate and wood work in perfect harmony.