Santos cabinets: integration and organisation for open-plan kitchens

16 / 11 / 2016

The kitchen cabinets designed by Santos provide integration solutions that help keep everything tidy and out of sight. Various specialist interior design and decoration media have included projects in which their capacity for creating open, diaphanous and organised spaces is evident.

Mi Casa dedicates a report to a kitchen with and island, breakfast area, laundry and storage areas, that is connected to other areas of the house. The furniture, the LINE-L design from Santos, blends in naturally with the interior design of the house. The same happens in one of the projects published by Blog y Deco, where the handleless cabinets, LINE-L and PLANO designs from Santos in Cloud Grey, add discretion and functionality to an open-plan kitchen that combines with the living room and combined dining area.

Blog y Deco, just like Decoesfera, also analyses an island kitchen that opens up to the living room. In this case, the connection is made via an arch that, without being a visual obstacle, delimits the work and breakfast areas. The LINE-E design cabinets from Santos in Seff White, with smooth fronts and without handles, offers maximum features in a minimal space.

A similar solution is found in a new project published by Blog y Deco and Cocinas con Estilo, in which the kitchen, fitted with the designs INTRA-L and SEDA from Santos in Sand Grey, opens up to a breakfast area and leads through to the living-dining room via an arched doorway without a door.

The kitchen with an island occupies a central position in this holiday home that Diseño Interior visited, sharing an open space with shared areas such as the dining area, living area or the television area. The LINE White Silk Matt cabinets from Santos add capacity, functionality and organisation, adapting to an interior design that is defined by the use of sober forms and neutral colours.

In the holiday home revised by Hogares and Nuevo Estilo, the island kitchen, the dining and living areas share a large space. The cabinets, INTRA-E Anthracite Grey and LINE-L Polar White designs from Santos, both handleless, help create a diaphanous atmosphere, in which the different areas are joined physically and visually in order to help the movements and interactions between the users.

Interiores took an interest in a stately home, in which the island kitchen is situated in a space that communicates with an outdoor patio via a large window. The LINE-L design from Santos was chosen for the cabinets in Polar White, a modern design, with straight lines and smooth fronts, which coexists perfectly in balance with more classic elements, such as, the marble flooring or the wooden beams.