More kitchen
in less space

01 / 06 / 2016

LINE Silk Black LAH

True beauty resides in simplicity, not as a starting point but as the result of a continuous process of thought and refinement. Reaching this implies delving deeply into essential aspects that are often overlooked. For example, understanding that each element must add without taking away, occupying just the necessary space for it to perform its function. The furniture helps create homes that are more harmonious and habitable from their heart: the kitchen.

Cabinets that are more slender


Reduced thickness

Reducing the thickness of the fronts and sides makes it possible to create kitchen cabinets that are more stylised, lightweight and elegant. This makes it possible to minimise their impact on the house’s architecture without losing capacity or resistance.

Beautiful to look at and to touch

The pure shapes and plain fronts provide simplicity. The integration solutions provide discretion. The super-matt and anti-fingerprint finish, provides a beauty that is not only seen but also felt.

Discover it in 360º

Beautiful and practical interiors

Three levels of drawers

The cabinets must make it easy to classify, locate and access the contents of a kitchen. The structure of the base units, with three levels of drawers, is an effective response from Santos to fulfil that need.

More capacity

The top drawer, made in olive ash, is lighter and has more capacity for keeping the kitchen utensils that are most frequently used.

More organization

The pull-out accessories make it easy to clean the drawer. The interchangeables, such as the knife or spice rack, adapt to the users’ tastes and needs.

Uniform aesthetics

The double drawers make it possible to classify food, tableware and large items such as pots and frying pans. Their sides are the same colour as the body of the unit, creating an aesthetically uniform composition.

Interior drawers

The interior drawers found in the base area of the tall units, also help in the organisation and location of contents.

Sink unit

The sink unit brings together recycling bins and an interior drawer for storing cleaning utensils in a reduced space.

Light, an essential
ingredient in the kitchen

Planning and integration

The parallel layout of the cabinets favours the entrance of natural light into the room. The integrated, discrete and practical, lighting solutions make tasks easier and act as ambient lighting.

LED lighting

The LED lighting, built into the base of the wall units, offers light that is continuous, uniform and doesn’t dazzle.

LED profile

Santos’ exclusive LED profile, that can be customised with decorative panels, incorporates electrical sockets and a slit for accessories.