Designed to help you

20 / 01 / 2007

The user comes first

A kitchen should be capable of adapting itself to the needs of those who use it, not the other way around. At Santos we seek solutions to meet the demands that stem from both the new lifestyles and the limited space which is typically available in a kitchen. We offer solutions that are designed to make daily life easier, paying special attention to ergonomic and functional criteria.

Horizontal projection: everything in sight,

everything accessible


Drawers better than doors


Santos kitchen design differs from traditional designs in that it avoids doors in the lower area and encourages the use of drawers. This system provides a panoramic view of what is inside the drawers, making access easier and cooking and cleaning more comfortable.

More storage

Up to 50% more capacity

There is a difference of 50% or more between the standard measurements found on the market and the capacity of a Santos’ unit. 

Solutions that meet new needs

As a response to the appearance of a multitude of new containers and utensils that occupy more space, we offer 60 cm deep drawers with a maximum width of up to 120 cm.

5 drawer depths


When offering a horizontal design system it is important to have a large range of possible modules and equipment. Santos has 5 depths of drawer, the widest range on the market, available in widths from 30 to 120 cm.

The height
you need

Variety of modules


The variety of Santos modules makes it possible to design kitchens that are adapted to the height of the user.  

Wall units that are
more accessible

Freedom of movement


We offer different types of openings that, unlike traditional doors, don’t hinder work in the kitchen.  They avoid the risk of knocks and, once open, they allow you to have a panoramic view of the interior.

Swing-up doors

It allows the door to remain in the exact position wanted and it is suitable for horizontal units with a maximum height of 60 cm. The width of these wall units is modular from 60 cm up to 150 or 180 cm.

Folding doors

With this system, the doors can be completely folded up to the highest point. It is possible to work with the doors opened without them getting in the way and it is easier to access the interiors. Santos also offers the possibility of incorporating an assisted opening system. 

Stay-lift flap

It keeps the door in the exact position wanted, two units can be placed on top of each other and it also offers a smooth and soft closing thanks to its soft-shut system. Optionally, it is possible to install an electrical o mechanical assisted opening system.