Black Santos kitchen with island in a renovated home to enjoy with the family

07 / 03 / 2022

María and Pablo own this home facing the coastline a few metres from the sea. The property on which it stands, owned by Pablo’s parents, already had a house that did not meet their current needs. This is why they decided to undertake a comprehensive renovation to tailor it to what they actually had in mind.

Bright interiors connected to the outside

Black kitchen that opens to the outside and the inside

The purpose of the renovation was to transform the house into a second home to enjoy their free time with the family. Jorge, an architect who happened to be María’s brother and knew what the couple had in mind, suggested undertaking a project that would expand on the existing building and adapt it to the environment.

Open-plan Santos kitchen in black and wood
Kitchen that opens out to the terrace in a renovated home
Kitchen that opens out to the terrace and the outdoor pool

Glass partitions predominate in its elegant and contemporary architecture to enhance the brightness of its interiors and reinforce its connection to the outside. After the renovation, the home was divided into two well-equipped and organised areas: a public area with an open-plan kitchen in black and wood, a dining area and a living area characterised by open and interconnected spaces, and a private area with two suites, two bedrooms and a toilet. A garden, covered terrace, barbecue and swimming pool are found outside.

Santos kitchen in black and wood
Renovation of Santos kitchen in black and wood
Open-plan Santos kitchen with glass partitions

The final result was quite touching because the couple finally got the house they’d always dreamed of and it also came to be the posthumous legacy of Jorge, who was the brains behind it all. This last work by Jorge is wonderful as it not only showed his passion for his work, it also made María and her family happy.

Open-plan kitchen in black and wood with island, dining area and auxiliary area

Open-plan kitchen in black and wood with auxiliary area

As the family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, it was designed to be open-plan, with more than enough space for it to have everything necessary for cooking and storage, as well as getting together and enjoying each other’s company.

Black and wood kitchen with island and table
Open-plan, spacious and functional kitchen in black
Kitchen that opens to the outside and the living-dining room

The kitchen, designed with black and wooden finishes, is laid out around a centre block comprised of a table and island. The latter holds the washing-up and preparation areas, as well as numerous options for work and storage on both sides: drawer unit, integrated dishwasher and sink unit with recycling bins outside, plus three base units with shelves and assisted opening system outside.

Santos wooden kitchen table
Santos kitchen island with wooden table
Santos worktop-mounted bar in oak wood

Attached to the outer face of the island is an impressive laminate worktop-mounted bar by Santos that serves as a dining area in a Synchro Rustic Oak finish.

Row of black kitchen cabinets
Black Santos kitchen with worktop and panel in a wooden finish
Black Santos kitchen with tall units and Santos units

Behind the island, there’s a run of black units holding the cooking and cold storage areas, including two hob units, a tall oven unit, another fridge unit, and a utility unit to store cleaning products in. In the cooking area, a matching Santos worktop and wall panel with the same material and wooden finish as the worktop-mounted bar was chosen.

L-shaped Santos auxiliary furniture with pull-out counter
Santos kitchen with pull-out counter
Kitchen with pull-out counter in a wooden finish
Kitchen with black units and counter

To round off the kitchen furnishings, the wall found right in front of the island was kitted out with a set of black auxiliary furniture laid out in an L shape, including two drawer units, a wine cooler and four storage units – one of which is open and with customised interiors in a Synchro Rustic Oak wooden finish laminate. As a finishing touch, a pull-out oak counter in an oak wooden finish laminate was installed in this area, offering another comfortable and versatile space for breakfast, snacks and quick meals.

Black and wood kitchen with island, table and large windows
Santos kitchen with wooden table and black chairs

All in all, this black kitchen with island stands out for its practical and functional character, making it possible to have everything within reach when creating a dish or when serving or clearing away the table. The harmonious blend of black and wood, framed by large windows and white partitions that set it off beautifully, gives it a contemporary look that makes it warm, pleasant and extremely cosy at the same time. 


Category: Detached home
Location: Palmeira (Ribeira, A Coruña)
Architecture: Jorge Álvarez Sánchez
Styling: Sonsoles Cabana and Antonio González
Photography: Héctor Santos-Díez


Santos dealer: Santiago Interiores
Santos furniture: Silk Black LAH FINE
Layout: Parallel to the island
Worktops: Naturamia Amarula Vintage by Levantina (island), Santos Synchro Rustic Oak finish laminate (cooking area) and Santos Silk Black LAH finish laminate (auxiliary area)

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