Black and grey kitchens by Santos: designs that add character and personality

—15 / 09 / 2017 —

In its analysis of the latest trends in kitchen design, Love Cooking points out that choosing cabinets in dark hues helps to create spaces with character and personality. Among the examples given to illustrate this affirmation, the blog includes the Silk Black LAH LINE kitchen design by Santos, which features the latest kitchen trends from the brand.

Aside from appearing in Love Cooking and Marie Claire Maison, the Black Silk LAH LINE kitchen design by Santos has been featured in in-depth articles in the magazines Casa VivaArquitectura y DiseñoCocinas y Baños and El Mueble. All of them highlight its reduced-thickness plain fronts and sides, which make it possible to create sleeker, more lightweight and elegant cabinets, with less impact on the home’s architecture.

The Black Silk LAH finish, which is smooth and pleasant to the touch, endows beauty that is not only seen but felt. In contrast, the LAH laminate with super matt and anti-fingerprint finish is highly resistant to daily wear and tear and is very easy to clean.

Having said that, the beauty of Santos kitchen units is not limited to their outside appearance, but is also found behind it: an internal design that —based on a study of workflows and working patterns— provides effective and functional solutions.

Overall, the cabinets contribute towards creating a comfortable and interactive space, which responds to current trends and lifestyles.

Love Cooking also states that when fitting out a kitchen with black and grey cabinets, using light-coloured wood and porcelain tiles to heighten the contrast is a winning combination. This can be seen in the renovation project featured by the magazine Casa Viva and the blogs Cocinas con estiloDecoesfera and Interiores Minimalistas.

The kitchen has been fitted with the INTRA-E and ARIANE 2 designs by Santos, both with an Anthracite Grey finish. The light-coloured walls, ceiling, doors, wall units and worktops enhance the room’s natural brightness, in contrast with the greys that add volume and character to the whole.

After the works carried out, the owners now have a kitchen designed according to their needs, where the bright, warm and inviting atmosphere encourages them to start each day with an extra dose of vitality and optimism.