We care about what is seen
and work on what is not seen

06 / 09 / 2012

What you see is important, what you don’t see is decisive 

The design and aesthetic appeal of a kitchen is important but its strength and functionality even more so. Even though the exterior design clearly stands out, the quality of the materials and construction systems are, without a doubt, decisive if our kitchens are to obtain the best possible certificate: the passing of time.

Resistant and

quality materials

High resistant strip for worktop support

These types of strips are used in base units to support worktops, especially thin ones. They help form a work area that can support a lot of weight, is resistant to humidity and they also make the unit very stable.  

Embedded 8mm back panel

The back panel of our units are made with chipboard covered with melamine on both sides and have a minimum thickness of 8mm. The back panel is inlaid and glued to the base and the side panels, which helps secure the union at right angles and, thus, gives greater stability to the unit.

Edges adhered with PUR glue

To adhere the edges to our units we use PUR glue. With this type of adhesive a perfect seal is achieved during the gluing process.  This prevents humidity from passing that could cause the board to swell up or the edge to peel off. PUR glue is also resistant to high temperatures, for example steam.

Unit polystyrene legs

The unit legs are made with polystyrene, a very resistant material. The legs are fixed to the units by embedding 4 pegs into the drill holes on the base of the unit.  This considerably increases the unit’s stability. Each leg is approved and certified by the LGA in Nuremberg for a maximum load of 300 kg in a vertical position.

19 mm thick bases and shelves 

Santos uses 19mm melamine board for all the shelves and bases of tall units. This increases the unit’s stability and the user is offered a storage space that can withstand up to 50kg/m².

Fixing of the drawer guides to the unit

The drawer guides are fixed to the side panels with at least 4 Euro screws. This is the best type of screw to secure the guide to the panel, keeping the drawer guide always in place. To make sure the drawer opens properly and is stable, the number of screws and their position can vary depending on the depth of the drawer. 30 cm drawers have 4 screws whilst 65 cm drawers have 6 screws. 

Nickel plated steel hinges

The number of hinges and their position depend on the unit’s size. This type of hinges are simple to fit and have a practical three-dimensional adjustment: height, depth and width. They are guaranteed to resist up to 200.000 open / close cycles.