Santos Kitchen Units: Maximum Functionality Even in Small Kitchens

18 / 01 / 2019 

Having a fully fitted, comfortable and functional kitchen does not require a huge floor area: the following articles on renovating and interior design show how kitchens designed by Santos make the most of every last inch of available space.

A sought-after refuge


Within a few metres

Cocinas y Baños

Kitchen project: Natalia Zubizarreta

This home is located on the third floor of an old building that was built more than sixty years ago. Given its deplorable state of repair, a comprehensive renovation was undertaken, completely transforming the floor layout to make better use of all the available space.

After the renovation, the kitchen is now found at the very centre of this home, opening out directly into the corridor leading to the other rooms. It also connects to the living room through an industrial-style interior window. Despite its limited size, the kitchen is fitted in such a way that it has everything needed for work and storage.

The units—a handle-less White Seff LINE-E design by Santos—are laid out in an L shape. The first section includes the washing-up area, which is found right in front of the window. The second section, intended for preparation and cooking tasks, has a washing machine, oven and storage units in a very compact yet highly organised space. To round off the furnishings, four wall units were placed above them: two for storage and two to hold the microwave and filtration unit.

From a simple flat to an amazing
one thanks to renovations

El Mueble

Kitchen project: Natalia Zubizarreta

The owners of this flat are a young couple with no children who love to spend time at home. They wanted to create a home that epitomised the hygge philosophy, where peace and quiet reigned and every single element is intended to encourage people to relax and enjoy the simple things and bask in the cosiness of it all. The house was renovated to adapt it to their needs, including redefining the floor to create an open-plan layout with no corridors. Spaces were optimised as much as possible, creating interconnected areas in which, by means of elements such as sliding doors and glazed doors, they still remain separate.

This home’s kitchen is one of the favourite rooms of the owners, who are firm believers in healthy organic nutrition. As hosts, they enjoy delighting their guests with the wonderful dishes they can whip up. It is found right in the middle of the daytime living areas, flowing into the dining room, and every item in it is intended to make the most of all the space available.

The units—a White Seff MINOS-E design by Santos—are laid out in parallel to make tasks easier and to do away with visual barriers, thus favouring the entrance of natural light through the window. What’s more, thanks to their pure, minimalist lines, the cabinets seamlessly blend into the home’s architecture and interior design.

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