Main trends in kitchen design

21 / 10 / 2019 

For the magazine Cocinas y Baños, clean lines and the absence of superfluous elements are the common denominator of today’s kitchens. Other specialist publications unveiled trends that will define kitchen designs in the coming year, which the latest models launched by Santos already feature.

Kitchen with island and sideboard that opens into the dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

The interior: the most important aspect of kitchens

El Mueble highlights the trend towards a kitchen design that—by combining innovative materials with practical solutions—creates increasingly smarter and more attractive layouts. In the same vein, the growing concern for ergonomics also gives prominence to interiors provided with drawers, which facilitate access to contents and make better use of space. To illustrate these aspects, it uses the Mink Grey SM MARCO model by Santos, a sideboard with glass units above the worktop.

Cocinas y Baños also focuses on this design, which brings back the warmth, serviceability and solidness of the furniture of old. Its large capacity and size provide a huge amount of storage space that—thanks to the glass units with illuminated shelves and the orderliness of its interior—is not visually jarring.

Kitchen with island and sideboard that opens into the dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

Open-plan kitchens suited to users

Cocinas y Baños states that today’s kitchen units should adapt to their users’ lifestyle, in such a way that they seamlessly blend into the home’s other rooms, comprising a single environment. For the magazine, layouts with soft-close cupboards help reinforce this pleasant feeling.

As an example, it recommends a kitchen that opens into the dining room with island and tall units, fitted with the Silk Mink Grey LAH FINE design by Santos. It features a 120 cm wide retractable cabinet, with fronts that can be temporarily hidden away along its sides to facilitate visibility and access. What’s more, it includes a work area with lighting and electrical sockets for small electrical appliances inside.

Kitchen with island that opens into the living-dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

Casa Viva presents its keys to designing an open-plan kitchen through an extensive article featuring the Marble Grey FINE design by Santos. The kitchen is located at the heart of the home’s public areas, between the dining room and the living room, seamlessly blending into a unique space that has no visual barriers. The units comprise one homogeneous whole that harmonises with a simple yet bright architecture. This approach makes the space feel so much bigger, and what’s more, it fosters interaction and freedom of movement for users.

Black parallel kitchen that opens into the dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

Black kitchens: elegance and personality

According to El Mueble, black kitchens are elegant, have a lot of personality, match any colour and—contrary to what might otherwise seem to be the case—can be very bright. The Black Silk LAH FINE design by Santos is a prime example that embodies this line of thought. This model softens the impact of black with plain fronts that inspire simplicity and reduced-thickness sides that make it lightweight. In terms of cleaning, the magazine points out that its super matt and anti-fingerprint finish is a great point in its favour to keep it effortlessly spotless.

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