Ideas for creating a comfortable and organised kitchen

10 / 07 / 2019 

Cocinas+Baños – Casa Viva magazine has published an article with the key steps to creating a well equipped, comfortable and tidy kitchen, and used Santos designed kitchens for several of their examples.

Drawers and bins: organisation, space and accessibility

Kitchen accessories designed by Santos

The Santos base units are structured into drawers and bins which can be completely pulled-out and have ample storage capacity. These units are located in the easiest place for the user to reach, making it easy to organise and find the contents. The top drawers have a modular base that makes it possible to integrate pull-out and interchangeable accessories such as cutlery trays, spice racks, knife trays or roll holders.

Kitchen accessories designed by Santos

The bins are ideal for storing pots, pans, and large utensils. The plate rack in the bins means the crockery can be organised and stored safely, and the wooden containers are very useful for keeping the contents in order.

Kitchen with plinth drawer designed by Santos

The plinth drawer expands the capacity of the base units down to the floor, making the most of the available height and depth. In this way, it is possible to have up to four easy-to-access tiers of storage. The fronts of these drawers tilt inwards to prevent tripping when working near the work surface.

Ergonomics: everything within reach

Grey parallel kitchen that opens into the dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

One of the main trends in kitchen design is to make the most of the walls, with solutions that mean ingredients and utensils are within easy reach. In its new kitchen cabinets collection, Santos proposes a design where the wall perpendicular to the worktop is covered with unit with a sliding glass door. Behind the glass, a panel with shelves partitions the space right up to the ceiling.

Kitchen accessories designed by Santos

The look is completed with a LED lighting profile which, as well as illuminating the work surface, includes electrical sockets and multiple accessories like a kitchen roll holder and supports for containers, books or tablets.

Integration: more solutions in less space

Black parallel kitchen that opens into the dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

The kitchen cabinets designed by Santos offer multiple integration solutions, to make organising easy, get the most out of the space and add to the light and airy feel of the kitchen. The tall units for example include kitchen appliances and storage modules in compact, organised areas.

Black parallel kitchen that opens into the dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

The retractable units, with fronts that can be temporarily hidden away along the sides, can include ovens, shelves with LED back lighting and even an extra work area. The work area includes a worktop, lighting profile and sockets, making it ideal as a breakfast area or to use small electrical appliances without having to move them around.

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