Black kitchens: a design trend on the rise

10 / 09 / 2019 

Decoesfera, an online publication specialising in decoration and interior design, has devoted an article to black kitchens with dark finishes, a trend on the rise which offers many advantages: it adds a touch of elegance, makes it easier to blend and integrate units in open spaces, and helps to create contrast in minimalist environments. Two Santos kitchen designs are among the featured models.

Aesthetics and functionality

Kitchen with island that opens into the living room and dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

This kitchen with island is found at the heart of the house’s public areas. The room, which is completely open, serves as a nexus between the dining room and living room, doing away with the barriers between areas for leisure and work. This makes the space feel so much bigger and fosters interaction and freedom of movement for users.

Kitchen with island that opens into the living room and dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

The kitchen cabinets—a FINE design by Santos which comes with handle-less fronts in dark colours—comprise a homogeneous set that stands out without being discordant amidst simple yet bright architecture. The tall units constitute an attractive yet functional partition. The island, located parallel to them, becomes a sculptural feature that goes beyond merely being a storage cabinet. The interior design is balanced out through the warm touches provided by tables, chairs, shelves and frames.

The parallel layout of the island and tall units makes it possible to have everything necessary for cooking and storing in a compact and organised way, offering maximum performance in the least amount of space. The island has plinth drawers that expand the capacity of base units down to the floor, getting up to four spacious, easy-to-access levels of storage.

Sleek, lightweight and elegant cabinets

In this case, the kitchen is located beside the dining room, which is separated by a sliding glass door. This makes it possible to close the kitchen off when necessary, without sacrificing brightness or the visual connection between the rooms.

Black parallel kitchen that opens into the dining room, fitted with cabinets designed by Santos

The units are laid out in parallel, with base units and wall units on one side and a row of tall units on the other. The Black Silk LAH FINE design by Santos, with its sleek lines and plain fronts, seamlessly blends into the interior design that combines minimalist elements with rustic and traditional ones.

The reduced-thickness fronts and sides make it possible to create sleeker, more lightweight and elegant cabinets, with less impact on the home’s architecture. The black colour of the finishes creates an interesting contrast that helps to define the room, lending it character and personality The result is a comfortable and interactive space, which responds to current trends and lifestyles.

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