A space
for cooking and sharing

18 / 06 / 2012

Wood melamine MINOS-E

Serenity is felt all through the house starting with the kitchen, here the Laricio’s simplicity combines perfectly with the lightness of the white glass; together they create an atmosphere where there is no room for haste. A dish can be prepared with all the care and calm it deserves thus bearing in mind all the necessary details for its success.

Solutions that optimise space

Santos standard: more capacity

Santos’ standard 81 cm high base unit with 60 cm deep drawers which can support up to 65 kgs, offers up to 20% more capacity than the standard market drawer.

Base units with 60 cm deep drawers: more organisation

The most frequently used utensils are found together in spacious 60 cm deep drawers that are able to hold up to 65 kg and are equipped with pull-out accessories made of natural wood.

Hidden handle and reduced plinth: more storage space

By incorporating an upper profile and making the middle drawer shorter, Santos achieves a hidden handle that does not affect the drawer’s capacity. Also, the height of the plinth is reduced to 9 cm so there is more room for the unit and increasing the storage space.

Wine rack accessory: the wine cellar in a drawer

The wine rack accessory, made of marine board, turns the drawer into a space for storing bottles.

Solutions that make work easier

U distribution

The distribution of the kitchen in a “U” makes everything just a step away. It also allows us to have a peninsula that can be used as an additional preparation space or as a table for quick lunches.

Lighting profile with integrated pull-out hood

The lighting profile provides light for working, electrical sockets and a rail for accessories. It also hides the extractable hood thus maintaining a uniform appearance and making it easier to clean.

Swing-up opening system

Cabinets with swing-up doors are ideal for confined spaces. They permit a more comfortable access to the inside of the cabinet allowing maximum use of the space available.

Layout with tall units

The kitchen layout with tall units includes multiple functions in a reduced space: a storage and preparation area inside the rolling shutter units, a fridge with pull-out drawers and an oven.