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Our philosophy —

Within the philosophy that guides the design of our products our priorities are the user's comfort, products that are easy to clean, storage space and the durability of the materials. This way of thinking allows us to present kitchens in which beauty and functionality are combined to generate optimised spaces that are practical and welcoming.

  • Resistant and durable materials


A kitchen must always be ready for a hard work session without suffering the consequences. In order to achieve this, the choice of the components must meet both aesthetic and functional criteria looking to attain beauty without forgetting about resistance and durability.

  • Integrated solutions Integrated solutions


    A kitchen will be more functional if it is organised as a whole in which each component determines the activity of the other components. The correct integration of the furniture, electrical appliances and worktops must benefit the smoothness of the processes and increase the efficiency of the proposed solutions.

  • Wide range of possible modulation Wide range of possible modulation


    The large scope of modules in our catalogue make it possible to design kitchens that, apart from adapting to the needs of different users, adjust perfectly to the characteristics of any space no matter what shape or size.

  • A qualified team A qualified team


    A qualified team with a solid technical background is at our dealers’ disposal. All the company’s departments help our dealer get the best results by providing support and services that add value to our products. 

  • Customer Service Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Our customer service department oversees all orders received offering a personalised service. It communicates every doubt or possible mistake to the dealer before starting the manufacturing process of the kitchen and tracks the order until it is shipped.

  • Sales Team Sales Team

    Sales Team 

    The sales team represents Santos in different areas; it is a link between the different departments and the customer. It monitors the daily work of each of our dealers by providing them with our best solutions and “know-how”. 

  • Project Team Project Team


    A team of professionals offer advice and personalised attention to help distribute each kitchen correctly, helping you optimize spaces and create beautiful and functional ambiences. As a result, all our projects are designed to help you.

  • Training program Training program


    We have a comprehensive training programme for all our professionals so that they are always at the highest possible level.  We also care for the training of our suppliers and dealers, organising courses and seminars covering areas such as projection, sales, communication, furniture installation etc. 

  • Product department Product department

    Product department

    Santos has its own team that designs and develops new products, integrated by highly qualified professionals with vast experience. 

  • Communication and positioning Communication and positioning


    The main aim of our work in the field of communication is to provide a solid and consistent positioning of the Santos brand; a positioning that enhances our image and transmits the quality and versatility of our products. To achieve this we create and use communicative tools that transmit the fundamental principles of our philosophy: photo catalogues, professional reasons handbook, a web site, participation in trade fairs, advertising in different media etc. 

  • Logistics Logistics


    At Santos we have our own fleet of lorries that enable us to guarantee the delivery our orders on time. 

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