The Kitchen as the Heart of the Home

24 / 05 / 2018 —

The specialist media in architecture and interior design have featured several kitchen projects fitted with Santos units, where their functionality and seamless integration into the home take precedence.

  • White kitchen fitted with the LINE-E and ARIANE designs by Santos
  • White kitchen fitted with the MINOS-E design by Santos

Dual identity

Diseño Interior


The kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the hearts of this home. Following the criteria established for the rest of the floor, the room was designed to be completely open, flowing into the dining room and living room, as well as the exterior. Access to the exterior is through a glazed porch which, with its sliding doors open, makes it possible to enjoy the feeling of dining in the open air. The kitchen, fitted with the LINE-E and ARIANE designs by Santos with a White Seff finish, has everything needed for storing, working and enjoying with less than 20 square metres of space. The preparation and cooking areas are found on the peninsula which—aside from providing a large work surface—has multiple storage solutions.


From a simple flat to an amazing one thanks to renovations

El Mueble


This home’s kitchen—which is 100% hygge—is one of the favourite rooms of the owners, who are firm believers in healthy organic nutrition. As hosts, they enjoy delighting their guests with the wonderful dishes they can whip up. It is found right in the middle of the daytime living areas, flowing into the dining room, and every item in it is intended to make the most of all the space available. The units, a White Seff MINOS-E design by Santos, are laid out in parallel to make tasks easier and to do away with visual barriers, thus favouring the entrance of natural light through the window.

  • White island kitchen fitted with the LINE-E design by Santos
  • White island kitchen fitted with the LINE-E and KARMEL designs by Santos

A transparent home

Casa Viva


This kitchen serves as the hub for the daytime living areas in the house. As it opens out directly to the living-dining room and is readily visible from different angles, the White Seff LINE-E kitchen cabinet design by Santos was chosen for its pure, clean lines. The layout is intended for maximum functionality and capacity in the least amount of space, with only a row of units complemented by a large central island. A six-seater dining table located very near the island—which makes it easy to serve food and remove cutlery—rounds it off.


A bright atmosphere free from visual barriers

Cocinas y Baños


This home’s owners wanted the kitchen to become the heart of their home—a special place where they could cook comfortably, as well as eat, get together and simply enjoy relaxing moments. Through the right choice and layout of elements and materials, this comfortable, peaceful and harmonious room—where natural light plays an important role—was built exactly according to their preferences. The units are a blend of the LINE-E and KARMEL models by Santos, two elegant and minimalist designs. The White Silk Matt finish enhances the room's brightness, while the Horizontal Natural Oak finish adds the right touch of warmth, making it more pleasant and cosy.

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