Santos Kitchen Cabinets: Designed to Adapt to Any Lifestyle


In their latest issues, several interior deseign magazines have devoted extensive reports to two of the new Santos models: ARIANE 2 White Seff and Oak and LINE-E Ash Ivory. In one of its entries, the blog Cocinas con estilo states that design is one of the foremost concerns that must be considered when choosing a kitchen. Santos kitchen cabinets show—through several projects featured by specialist media in decor and interior design—its capacity to adapt to a wide range of tastes, needs and lifestyles.

The blogs Interiores MinimalistasDecoesferaTecnohaus and ByD Blog y Decoración take a look at a complete renovation that turns the kitchen into the heart of the home, creating a unique and open space with no visual barriers. The Snow White MINOS-L model by Santos was used to furnish the kitchen, a minimalist design that perfectly blends into an interior design characterised by the refinement of elements.

The magazine Casa Viva devotes an article to a kitchen that opens out to other areas inside the home through two transparent sliding glass doors—a solution that makes it possible to separate the areas but without foregoing natural light or visual continuity. The units are made up of the LINE-L and SEDA models by Santos, two elegant and discreet designs that work best without overloading the space.

In contrast, Cocinas y Baños features the kitchen of a holiday home, fitted with a combination of the INTRA-E and LINE-L models by Santos. These handle-less designs seamlessly blend into an architecture characterised by natural light, simplicity and the absence of accessory elements.

Mi Casa visits a flat located in a building from the beginning of the 20th century, which was renovated to provide it with bright, spacious and interconnected areas while remaining faithful to the building’s true essence. The new interior design has kept the original carpentry, the high ceilings with mouldings and the wooden floor intact, making use of modern decor with a Nordic style. The kitchen has been fitted with the White Silk Matt ÉPOCA model by Santos, a classical design that has been conceptualised to meet contemporary needs.

Another house with character is featured in Nuevo Estilo. This time around, the focus is on a stately home, in which the kitchen connects to an outdoor terrace by means of a large window. The contemporary design of the units—of the Polar White LINE-L model by Santos—perfectly complements other more classical elements such as the marble flooring or wooden beams.

ByD Blog y Decoración visits a kitchen that combines design, ergonomics and elegance to create a functional room, where you get the feeling that nothing is superfluous. This is influenced by the smooth fronts of the Santos units, in which the handle is minimised so as not to hinder the continuity of the furniture. But also the precise arrangement of the elements, organised to make the most of the space in the most practical way possible.

Conversely, InterioresDecoesfera and Mi Casa all feature a  renovation project where the kitchen opens out directly to the living room, adapting the furniture to the new interior design. Here, the White Seff ARIANE 2 design by Santos has been chosen, combining the darker tones of the exposed beams, the counter and the wall units to create a pleasant, cosy and balanced whole.

Tecnohaus and Nuevo Estilo devote different articles to another renovation that opens the kitchen—fitted with the White Seff LINE-E and ARIANE designs by Santos—out to other rooms. This way, the kitchen has been integrated into one single large, open area, where the entrance areas, living room and dining room all flow together. In addition, it has a terrace separated by a moveable partition which, when the owners have no need for it, can be stowed away.

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